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The unique experiment of Nature

1. INTRODUCTION For 3.5 billion years Nature has run an uninterrupted experiment involving the continuous evolution of higher developed life forms. This is Nature's first and final experiment. Humans are its most recent manifestation. And at the rate we're going, perhaps its last. Unlike any other creature on this planet we are not only subjects…
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Climate poker is over

After Paris, Bonn, and Düsseldorf, it is time to stop the climatic poker now. The global climate change can be theoretically calculated over millennia back and ahead, and it would be a nonsense to deny it any longer. Our theoretical reconstruction of the past climate warm and cold periods since 347 can be seen in…
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Einheitliche Medizin

Der Inhalt des bald fertigen Buches "Einheitliche Medizin" ist bereits jetzt fertig zum Ansehen. (auch in der PDF-Version). Peter Jakubowski Einheitliche Medizin Die einheitliche physikalische Grundlage der menschlichen Bioresonanzen und des Bewusstseins Vorwort; lesen oder nicht lesen? 7 1. Wo wollen wir hin? 9 1.1. Einführung 10 1.2. Der neue Kern der Einheitlichen Medizin 27…
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