Monats-Archive: Januar 2018

Still Missing Malaysia Aircraft (Flight 370)

Another search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 begins today, on 17 January 2018. On 10th January 2018 The New York Times has announced that the search for the missing aircraft will be resumed today by a private U.S. marine company Ocean Infinity and the company could earn up to $70 million if the…
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Simultaneous Policy, Evolutionary Biology, and the Unified Physics

Simpol, Biology, and the Unified Physics; (4th Jan, 2018); How the Unified Physics, beginning with the Universal Creative Potential and the Quantum Spectrum of all possible Matter-Spirit quanta, does support the Biosemiotics, and together with it the Simpol idea, should be discussed between the contributing authors and all interested supporters of the Simultaneous Policy.
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