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A series of my newest articles has been published in PHYSICS ESSAYS; an international journal dedicated to fundamental questions in physics, between December 2015 and June 2017.

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The series has a common title:

Consequences of the Unification in Physics.

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Sub-Title of the part Alternative solution to The most important sentences (scroll down in each of the boxes)
1. Never more problems with physical equations Maxwell's Equations

Part 1: Never more problems with physical equations.
I. Introduction
II. Basic planes of the Unified Family of all physical quantities
III. Computer aided discovering of all possible physical equations
A. Program input
B. Filter functions of the program
C. Program Output
D. The original listing of all possible physical equations
IV. Physical quantities in all possible relations to each other
V. Conclusions
. . .
More than twenty years ago the author has published in one of the first volumes of this journal his alternative foundation of physics1, based on his alternative solution of Maxwell's Equations. This, until the publication overseen solution, allows us to unify the entire classical electrodynamics with the classical dynamics2. The following two decades of continuation of the unification idea has changed our point of view on all traditionally separated domains of physics, first of all astrophysics, geophysics, and biophysics. ...
We are creating our vision and our description of the Universe by ourselves. As long as the equality between models A and B remains fulfilled (=), we are modifying our physics within the same paradigm. If we are not able to fulfil the equation any more, we have to change our paradigm (our vision of the world around us). Such a situation has been reached at the end of 20th century. ...
Moreover, the reached unification proves that all traditionally assumed different, so-called universal forces, the electromagnetic, the gravitational, and the two nuclear forces have to be redefined and included in the single universal definition of force.

2. Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System Vera Rubin's hypothesis

Part 2. Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System
I. Introduction
II. Vera Rubin's discovery
III. Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System as an alternative to "dark matter" hypothesis
IV. An alternative to "big bang" is "big quantum"
. . .
In the present article of this series I am going to explain how one another alternative solution concerning the large-scale structure of our Universe radically changes and finally simplifies our physical model of our cosmic home. This alternative solution has been named the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System and re-defines the place of our Sun in a huge stellar community. ...
The story of Rubin's discovery is a typical example of the mainstream-science depression of the free research, we have mentioned in Introduction. ...
We can define our Cosmic Hierarchy of the Sun and the Solar System as an energetic arrangement of the cosmic objects in our nearest and farther cosmic environment into a hierarchically ordered system. ...
In the previous section we have argued that the idea of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System can successfully replace the traditional hypothesis of the “dark matter” and “dark energy”.

3. The Universal Time Scale Linear time flow idea

Part 3: The Universal Time Scale
I. Introduction
II. The idea of the universal time scale
III. A common scale of biofrequencies
IV. Theoretical age of the cosmic-impact craters on Earth
V. Evolution of our own species
VI. Conclusions
Appendix: The list of past periods of the Universal Time Scale
. . .
One of the fundamental principles of the new paradigm is that the entire Universe is quantized. This means that all natural processes are quantum processes. In Part 2 of the series, we have defined the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System, which numerical realization defines a common scale of the quantized periods of time. In the present article, we are going to demonstrate, how a practically usable universal scale of time directly results from this definition of our Cosmic Hierarchy. ...
The third topic of this article concerns our own evolution from the Phylum Vertebrata, through the Class Mammalia, Order Primates, and Family Homo sapiens, to our Genus Homo sapiens Sapiens and to our present single species dispersed all over the world. This precise order of happenings contains one of the most important discoveries resulting from this specific application of the Unified Physics. We discuss the necessity to differentiate between the Genus Homo sapiens Sapiens and the Species Homo sapiens Sapiens. Their life expectations are completely different periods. This differentiation makes evident that our own genus can only be considered to be a direct offspring of the previous Genus Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis.

4. Venus-centered Solar System Copernicus' heliocentric system

Part 4: Venus-centered Solar System
I. The single-plane Unified Family of all physical quantities
II. The single-parameter Unified Family of all physical quantities
III. Universal values directly involved in the formation of the Proto-Solar System
IV. What has happened to the Proto-Solar System?
V. Venus-centered Solar System
VI. Observations confirming the Venus-centered structure of the Solar System
A. The extraordinary properties of Venus
B. The inclined orbit of Pluto
C. Sedna and 2nd level of the Cosmic Hierarchy
D. A puzzling mass beyond Neptune
E. Tropical year shortening
F. Gould's Belt puzzle
. . .
Through the change from our initial two-parameter Unified Family of all physical quantities to its one-parameter form, we have enhanced our chance to find out the true connection of the Planck's constant, and consequently also all other physical constants, with the primordial mass of the proto-solar cosmic cloud, the basic form of our present Solar System. ...
The theoretical limit of the proto-solar planetary system was 3.3992 AU and that of the Andrea star was 41.2757 AU. But they built a double-star system. It means, they were formed from a single accretion disk, a slowly rotating cloud of cosmic dust, which center of mass had had to lie near the much bigger partner, the Proto-Sun. The distance between the Proto-Sun and the center of mass of the whole system was a natural quantization parameter of the emerging system. The mass of the cloud, as discussed in the previous section, defined the values of all other physical parameters, related to the universal distance R(PSS) and period T(PSS). ...
The number of astrophysical observations confirming the Venus-centered structure of the Solar System is growing rapidly in the recent decades. ...
The presented here ultimate single-parameter unification in physics was only possible because Nature is a quantum entity. On the other side, it is also the reason why we have to use our definition of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System based on the ultimate unification parameter – the cosmic quantum number. But at the present it seems to be the best way to properly describe the structure and properties of our cosmic home and its near and far neighborhood. The idea of the Venus-centered Solar System is ready for a wide application in all scientific research.

5. Global climate reconstruction and forecast Global warming hypothesis

Part 5: Global climate reconstruction and forecast
I. Introduction
II. Simple computer program analysing the changes in the global energy transfer
III. Global climate reconstruction and prognosis
IV. Discussion of the results
V. Conclusions
. . .
A global-climate change is a physical process. The better the physics used for the explanation of the changes of the global climate, the better also this explanation. ...
We all have to care about our global climate. Our world is standing shortly before a significant change of this climate. However, the world is still standing completely unprepared for the coming change. The reason is quite simple. The global-climate policy relies exclusively on the climate models based upon the traditional physics. ...
Therefore, we are using now our new paradigm practically: the extrasolar cosmic "wind" of the Sun's Cosmic Hierarchy warms and cools the surfaces of the Sun and Earth almost simultaneously. Solar energetic activity responds to the periodic motion of all partners in this hierarchy. The resulting variability of the solar activity is a superposition of these periodic changes. The Earth obtains a corresponding part of the solar energy emitted to the environment, however modified through the direct energy transfer from the Cosmic Hierarchy. ...
It shows very evidently that our "modern" climatic optimum is over very soon; its maximum has been reached about 1991. At the very latest since 2023 we are entering a new cold period similar to that one around the year 1855. We have to prepare our global economy to this new challenge.

6. Quantum Spectrum of matter and spirit Electromagnetic spectrum

Part 6: Quantum Spectrum of matter and spirit
I. Einstein's stumbling block
II. From the traditional to unified quantum spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation
III. Matter-spirit quantum partnership in our world
IV. Conclusions
. . .
The quanta of the living matter come into being directly from the Universal Quantum Field, from the membranes level of the Quantum Spectrum. This level joins (or separates) the animated matter with (or from) the inanimate one. The characteristic temperature of this „creation process“ is -29°C. And the characteristic size of the emerging quanta is 5 nm. There is no other scientifically explainable way to create an original quantum of the living matter. All advanced processes, like the developing or reproduction processes with living cells, concern always the quanta bigger than 5 nm. On the other way, no quantum of matter with its size below 5 nm can be alive. ...
The Earth's atmosphere has probably always confined one layer with temperature around the universal temperature of -29°C. This layer was thus always an „incubator“ for the terrestrial life, and it acts also today in that way. The terrestrial tropopause is thus probably the unique place in our Solar System, where life continuously begins, and the Earth moving towards the center of mass of the Solar System, is (very probably) the only planet of the observable Universe on which this primitive life has found the proper conditions to develop all possible higher forms of live, including human beings. ...
The entire observable Universe is a result of a quantized creation from the Universal Creative Potential of the Universal Unity. The creation is never ending. And all creatures (including us as well as the stars and galaxies) are also co-creators of the Universe.

7. Quantum basis of astro-, geo-, and biophysics
a) Theia impact hypothesis
b) Cryogenian Period enigma
c) Darwinian origin of life

Part 7: Quantum basis of astro-, geo-, and biophysics
I. Introduction
II. What is so extraordinary on the nanoscale?
A. The spectrum of matter centers on the nanoscale.
B. All traditional sciences meet on the nanoscale.
C. Matter organizes itself on the nanoscale.
D. All universal values appear on the nanoscale.
E. All physical laws come from the nanoscale.
III. The Unified-Physics definition of life
IV. An alternative to "Theia impact" hypothesis
V. Theoretical origin of the Cryogenian Period
VI. An alternative to Darwin's hypothesis
. . .
Our Unified Physics, as we have discussed in the previous parts of the present series of articles1-6, demonstrates that the whole of our observable Universe is quantized, on all its levels of complexity and in all details of each of those levels. With the discovery of the Universal Time Scale3 we are ready now to build a new, quantum basis for the biophysics, astrophysics and geophysics. Supported with this basis, the quantization of all natural processes traditionally treated in those domains of science is not an additional property of the happenings, but their very foundation, the obvious starting point in any theoretical analysis. ...
We begin this summary with a short explanation of the extraordinary role the nanoscale plays in the entire diversity of the scientifically investigated objects and processes. As nanoscale will be understood here the nanometer scale of the quantum dimensions and all corresponding universal values of the average level of the Universal Quantum Field, the Field of Light1. ...
In that way we reach our new, Unified-Physics definition of life: process of life = energetic body + energetic mind. The proposed composition of body and mind into a living organism is a very old idea. And even their energetic activities have been already considered thousands of years ago (compare the ancient eastern literature). However, the absolute novelty of the above definition of life lies in the connection of those ancient ideas of body, mind and energy with the central idea of the unified description of the entire Nature, the Universal Creative Potential and its equivalents, the universal quantum circulation (or pulsation) and the universal quantum power. In our quantized Universe, life emerges as a natural quantum process. ...
Our hypothesis of the Earth approaching the center of mass of the Solar System explains not only the true origin of the Cryogenian Period, but also the previous and the present structure of our Solar System including the Moon's formation, as well as the true driving force for the higher developed life on Earth.

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