What is Naturics?

What is Naturics?

Naturics is the unified description of Nature on the basis of our
Unified Physics.

What does that mean more exactly?

No matter whether the inanimate Nature or the living Nature, no matter whether viewed from a large distance or in a near projection,
we always use the same universal mirror and the same "photo-camera" in order to produce different illustrations of Nature. The universal mirror means in reality our Unified Physics and the "photo-camera", which interprets these reflections, is called Naturics.
Thanks to the standardization, we only concentrate ourselves on the most important aspects of the description. However, this doesn't mean, that we disregard all other things. We only must have directed our observational method (our "car-side-mirror") on the interesting objects.
Then, we recognize, for example, new perspectives for our exploration of Nature or also those places of science, being still under construction.

We still maybe discover some hidden ...

or frankly lying natural objects.

With the new experience, we quickly recognize even the deceptive fragments of our description of Nature. We should never forget that our description develops in the course of time. We can imagine that Nature always lies "ahead of us", and our former description (reflection) of her represents only that, which already lies "behind our car".

We often begin our research in a hardly recognizable sitution.

Then, we have an "igniting" idea, like seeing a distant source of light.

We try to get closer to this source ...

and maybe still closer, however, we can never reach it ultimately. Our description of Nature will for ever remain just our imagination, what and how Nature is.

The traditional physics is like a thick tree, that is deeply rooted in the ground and carries many thick branches. Hardly a traditional physicist still makes thoughts for himself about the health of the roots of this "tree of knowledge" today. He sits on his own branch of the narrow specialization and leaves it only very rarely and grudging. Consequently, he has no overview of the entire Nature; his traditional physics is never a holistic description of Nature.
Naturics, with its universal tool (the "car-mirror"), is freely movable against it, and can use all possible ways in order to unveil the secrets of Nature.
Whether slowly moving over a track ...

or mountain road,
or more quickly over a gravel-way,

and even more quickly over a comfortable, hardened ...

or paved way, with our holistic point of view, we always reach a new outlook (a new perspective), that remains unattainable for the immovable traditional physics.

It is obvious that Nature seems often to be "obscured" also for Naturics or it is completely covered too. However, with our universal tool (our unique Unified Physics), we can freely "shovel" our way to a prefered position.
Then the fog of the ignorance will be cleared up slowly and we will be able to recognize the natural events and phenomena better and better. Through it, we improve our description of Nature much more effectively than the traditional physics has ever done, sitting unmovable over its roots.
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