The New Milestones

The Milestones of the Unified Science

A. A series of my newest articles has been published in Physics Essays; an international journal dedicated to fundamental questions in physics, between December 2015 and June 2017.

The series has a common title: Consequences of the Unification in Physics.
The individual parts of the series are listed in the table below.

Sub-Title of the part Alternative solution to
1. Never more problems with physical equations Maxwell's Equations
2. Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System Vera Rubin's hypothesis
3. The Universal Time Scale Linear time flow idea
4. Venus-centered Solar System Copernicus' heliocentric system
5. Global climate reconstruction and forecast Global warming hypothesis
6. Quantum Spectrum of matter and spirit Electromagnetic spectrum
7. Quantum basis of astro-, geo-, and biophysics
a) Theia impact hypothesis
b) Cryogenian Period enigma
c) Darwinian origin of life

B. The New Paradigm demands some new definitions of the most important scientific concepts.
At the moment we have included here the New-Paradigm Definitions of:
1. Energy;
2. The Electromagnetic Spectrum;
3. Life;
4. Consciousness;
5. The Evolutionary Trauma;
6. The Demographic Quantum Spectrum of Human Communities;