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Generation X – scientifically unsuccessful

According to Wikipedia, Generation X (Gen Xers) are the children of the Silent Generation and older Baby Boomers – which includes myself. Demographers and researchers typically use the birth years of Gen Xers ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s, including all my children. The younger Gen Xers were the first children to…
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Lost in particle physics

Short comments by Peter Jakubowski (June 2018; www.naturics.info) to the book by Sabine Hossenfelder "Lost in Math; How Beauty leads Physics astray" (Basic Books, NY, June 2018) The book by Sabine Hossenfelder ends with two simple sentences: "The next breakthrough in physics will occur in this century. It will be beautiful." I am writing my…
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Science of Consciousness – firstly, the Matter of Definitions

by Peter Jakubowski (June 2018) In the "HuffPost" from 05/01/2017 ("Can There Be a Science of Consciousness?"), authors Deepak Chopra and Pankaj S. Joshi correctly note the actual circumstances related to Consciousness Research: "The possibility of a science of consciousness, which would involve a thorough explanation of mind and how it relates to matter, can’t…
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