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New Paradigm in Physics is emerging just now!

Do we ask wrong questions? Stellen wir die völlig falschen Fragen? Sabine Hossenfelder's book "Lost in Math" has been now (12 June 2018) referred (in German) in "Spektrum der Wissenschaft". This text shows many parallels with my recent book "Bioresonanzen in der Einheitlichen Medizin" (a compendium from my "Unified Physics"). The pdf-table demonstrates some of…
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The best ever written and the shortest explanation of how Nature works

The newest book by Peter Jakubowski is the best ever written and simultaneously the shortest possible explanation of how the entire Nature works. It includes our cosmic home, our life, our individual and global consciousness, our past, present, and future. Das neuste Buch von Peter Jakubowski ist die beste jemals geschriebene, und dazu noch die…
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