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Life is an obligatory phenomenon in our quantized Universe

Primitive life is all over the Universe. The basic forms of life on the level of viruses is a natural phenomenon in all regions of our quantized Universe, where the average temperature is permanently around the universal temperature of -28.8°C (or 244.4 K). It is the case on the most of exoplanets with an atmosphere.…
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Do you afraid the idea of the quantized Universe?

The scientific community has widely accepted the Quantum Physics of the first half ot the 20th century as an explanation of the World of natural phenomena in molecular and atomic dimensions. Below them, in the nuclear and subnuclear dimensions, as well as above them, in the "macro-world", this Quantum Physics has not found any applications.…
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Test your readiness to accept the new paradigm in science

As the first testing task consider the following sequence of the scientific hypotheses: 1) The Earth is flat. 2) The Earth is an ideal sphere at the center of the Universe. 3) The Earth is a planet revolving the Sun resting in the center of the Solar System. 4) The Earth is a planet revolving…
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Einheitliche Medizin

Der Inhalt des bald fertigen Buches "Einheitliche Medizin" ist bereits jetzt fertig zum Ansehen. (auch in der PDF-Version). Peter Jakubowski Einheitliche Medizin Die einheitliche physikalische Grundlage der menschlichen Bioresonanzen und des Bewusstseins Vorwort; lesen oder nicht lesen? 7 1. Wo wollen wir hin? 9 1.1. Einführung 10 1.2. Der neue Kern der Einheitlichen Medizin 27…
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