What is physics?

What is physics?

Physics is our scientific description of Nature.

What does that mean more exactly?

By using particular, scientific concepts we build a
"reflection" of Nature that should help us to understand it better.

How exact however can our reflection become? That depends on the size and the quality of the mirror-surface. A scientist would say the same so: That depends on the universality and the precision of the used theory of "reflection".
Sometimes, the border is quite well recognizable between the Nature and its reflection,

often however, one must look already more exactly.
If you concentrate on some few details of Nature only, you can lose this border from your eyes completely maybe. That doesn't mean however that our description of Nature has already become ideal. Sooner, we are deepened into our small section of the whole picture too much.

With our senses, we observe the Nature. Incidentally, exactly so we define also the Nature itself; as the totality of the material objects about us, that we can perceive with our senses.
With our physics, we try to describe (to comprehend) however only the "reflection" of Nature. How well we succeed with that, depends on the quality of the applied description-method ("reflection-method").

If the method is good, it returns a good image of Nature.

If it is worse, also our description of the Nature becomes less good.

The worst "scientific reflections" have almost nothing more in common with the Nature.

Sometimes, the applied method delivers an easily twisted picture of Nature, ...

sometimes however, the picture is so strongly distorted, that we receive a wrong idea of Nature.

Sometimes, we receive only a broken image of the natural original ...
or its multiple repetition. Which is the right one?

The most frequently, we see however only a reflection of some fragments of the natural original.
All these "diseases" bother the traditional physics since centuries. First the Unified Physics of Naturics (see here) frees us from all such falsifications of the description of Nature.
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