Climate Protection – the nonsense of our times
Klimaschutz – der Unsinn unserer Zeit

We have to protect women against the criminal men.
We have to protect children against the criminal adults.
We have to protect animals against the criminal Homo Sapiens.
We have to protect oceans against the criminal use as waste disposal site.
We have to protect the Earth's upper atmosphere against the criminal experiments.
But we cannot protect our Moon against the regular cosmic impacts.
And we cannot protect the Sun against her Cosmic-Hierarchy influences.
As well as we cannot protect our Earth against her membership in that hierarchy.

The global terrestrial climate is first of all an effect of that membership.
Our human influence upon it is much lower than our scientific arrogance.

We have to protect our next generations against the negative effects of that arrogance.
We have to stop the Nature-exit of Humanity.

To be stupid is a personal tragedy, but it is not a sin.
To recognize one's own stupidity in the past is also not a sin.
But not to try to become cleverer in the future - it is a inexcusable sin.

The terms like "Climate Protection" or "Climate Deniers" are such inexcusable sin.