Das Hässliche Universum

Was muss man einem Menschen antun, um ihn dazu bringen, unser Universum als hässliches zu betrachten?

We have recently reported about the book by Sabine Hossenfelder "Lost in Math". In October 2018, the German translation of this book appeared with the title: "Das Hässliche Universum" (The Ugly Universe). How strong has to be the frustration of the author, for to create that "ugly" title. "Lost in Math" was the title, what the book is about. The German title is nothing than a "crying" of a frustration. Sabine Hossenfelder runs an interesting, frequently visited blog "Backreaction". My comment to one of the recent blog-article has not been published (without a backreaction). So I post this comment here, because I find it important to signalize to the younger generations of scientists and science-oriented people that the German title of the book by Sabine Hossenfelder is an ugly slip of the otherwise sehr well-grounded critique on the traditional physics of the second half of the 20th Century.

Sabine, well done! (I mean the answer to Pmer). To make known mathematical inconsistencies is not a declaration for any alternative solution for the "inconsistent" mathematical problems. It would be fine and desirable to have an alternative, but it is seldom possible. So much the more we have to appreciate any real proposal of such an alternative solution. My website (www.naturics.info) presents for years the new Unified Physics in all necessary practical details, but still nobody cares. I know, I have to wait until my generation will leave the stage, but your generation could easily overcome the frustration (about the "Lost in Math"-physics). I think, to study an alternative is always healthier than to "roast" in frustration. BTW, the German translation of the title of your book: "Das hässliche Universum" is very unlucky, because it was the "ugly" traditional particle physics, which has caused your frustration, and not our wonderful Universe. Yes, I consider the Universe as the most wonderful thing in our life, we can study about. I am not saying "beautiful" (beautiful is a subjective feeling), I am saying "wonderful"; it seems to me to be the only objective property of OUR Universe. If I would not be convinced about this property, I would be never motivated enough to give my comment here. I wish you (and all your followers) to find the necessary motivation to follow the alternative way out of the "ugly" traditional physics of the recent four, five decades.