Imagine, we have really understood all that …


Imagine, we have really understood all that we believe to know about already now.

* Imagine, all patriots understand the natural differences between various groups of people.

* Imagine, all nationalists understand what does it mean to be a human being.

* Imagine, we all understand our individual and global role in the ecosystem Earth.

* Imagine, we all refuse the mentality of the individual consumerism.

* Imagine, we all return to the order of natural human communities.

* Imagine, we refuse the post-traumatic patriarchy and return to the natural matriarchy.

* Imagine, all our colleges educate our children, how they can be good parents by themselves.

* Imagine, we all refuse to become parents, if we don't feel we could be good parents.

Imagine, all that becomes realized during the next decades of the 21st Century.