Acknowledgement after 75th birthday

Dear son, to the many reasons why I should praise you (and would like to), you have now added a new one. You are the first person in the world to have read the most important book of my Universal Philosophy. It takes a lot of faith in the author's ability to venture into such a completely new (and some would say nonsensical) domain of human knowledge. Thank you in advance for our, hopefully soon, discussion about it.

Dear daughters, children-in-law and grandchildren, thank you all for your kind words and comments about this app. I still have a secret to tell you. This time not so much a secret of nature, but a secret of "highly developed life" in which we are allowed to participate. Developing your own app is much more complicated than publishing a website. It is even much more complicated than publishing your own book. That's why it remains a mystery to me how I managed to keep an app alive that was more or less in line with my ideas. I really had to believe in the goodness of strangers who knew more about the subject than I did. Without their help, the whole thing would have come to nothing several times.

Jacek, for example, recently pointed out to me that this app called "First Global Civilisation" is not easily connected to Naturics. That's why I tried to rename the whole app (to "Naturics App"). This has worked for the company that manages my app (for €60 per month), but not yet for the Google group (which offers this app for download worldwide). The price for this was not only an additional 50€, but also the "disappearance" of the important "shop window" of this app, which some of you, like me, miss very much. Here is the picture that should appear at the entrance (and explain the menu).

Despite this level of difficulty, which is also very high for me, I will continue to try to incorporate your suggestions into the app. With the fear in my neck that at some point the whole thing will be shot down by myself. But what should it be, trying is better than studying. Alternatively, I also post all of these posts in parallel under “Blog Overview” on my website (also in English). We actually still have a lot of time (as the First Global Civilization, which will theoretically not be replaced by a new one until the year 3108). By then you've all already read my book, promise?

Thank you all so much for being here. The world is much more beautiful as a result (and not just for me personally).

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