The newest project of Naturics:
Future on Friday

The future-oriented knowledge about our Unified Universe presented as a series of videos on every next Friday of the year 2019; beginning on 7th June 2019.

Das neuste Projekt der Naturics:
Future on Friday

Das zukunftsorientierte Wissen über unser Einheitliches Universum präsentiert in einer Serie von Videos am jeden nächsten Freitag des Jahres 2019; beginnend am 7 Juni 2019.

Najnowszy projekt Naturics:
Future on Friday

Przyszłościowa wiedza o naszym Ujednoliconym Wszechświecie, prezentowana w serii filmów w każdy następny piątek roku 2019 roku; poczynając od 7 czerwca 2019.

Our Cosmic Hierarchy
Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System, our cosmic home,
as an energetic arrangement of the near and far cosmic objects into a hierarchically ordered system.
Homo sapiens Origin
Origin, evolution, and the probable future of our Species, Genus, and Family Homo Sapiens as a natural consequence of the Cosmic-Timescale periodicity.
Global Consciousness
Global and Individual Consciousness in the New Paradigm of the Unified Physics; Global Consciousness as a product of all superbrains of the past and present age.
Global Medicine of Tomorrow
Energy transfer in our body, illness as the disturbed energy transfer and healing as the restoration of the body`s energy transfer from the Unified-Physics point of view.

Our quantized Universe

The newest here

  • Physik in der Sackgasse

    Physics in a blind alley! Finally it becomes public! Jetzt wird es langsam öffentlich. Die traditionelle Physik hat keine Chance mehr sich aus der Sackgasse selber zurück zu ziehen. Sehen Sie dazu dieses Video aus der "3Sat"-Mediathek: Schade nur,...

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Gravity unraveled

Gravity adieu!

Gravity is not a separate natural interaction.

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Imagine, we have really understood all that

Imagine, we have really understood all that we believe to know about already now.

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Climate Protection – the nonsense of our times

Klimaschutz – der Unsinn unserer Zeit

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New Nationalism - basically a physical problem

An update (by Peter Jakubowski) to the book "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" (by Yuval Noah Harari)

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Gen X - Lost in Particle Physics

Short comments by Peter Jakubowski (June 2018; to the book by Sabine Hossenfelder "Lost in Math; How Beauty leads Physics astray" (Basic Books, NY, June 2018)

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Appell an Wissenschafts-

Appeal to all science journalists! Regarding all of us!
Es ist ein Aufruf an alle Wissenschaftsjournalisten hinsichtlich einer Angelegenheit, die uns alle betrifft.

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Consequences of our Unified Science

29 January 2019
Don't miss it!

Overview here

Es kann keinen zweiten Einstein mehr geben!

10jähriges Jubiläum!
11 January 2019 - Nie wieder Probleme mit physikalischen Gleichungen!

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Matriarchy is our solution; and our destiny!

10 December 2018 - Matriarchat: Lösung und Fatum!

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Are we clever enough to accept our fate?

(... as the 7th Great Civilization on Earth)

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Wie Mars unser Wetter beeinflusst

27 July 2018 - Mars-Opposition and Weather Extreme

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Asteroid Day – And Nothing More?

30 June 2018 - International Asteroid Day – and nothing more to defend the Earth?

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Earth's global climate over 88 centuries

The current 21st century will be cooler(!) than the previous 20th century by 0.1°C. The next centuries will be even more seriously cooler. Here are the details!

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What is Global Consciousness?

We have the actually best possible answer!

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Here you can find the NEWEST INFORMATION about the Unified-Physics applications in all sciences.

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OUR Mission

Today, 2017, at the very beginning of the seventh Great Civilization of our modern species Homo sapiens Sapiens, we stand on the threshold of a revolutionary new vision of Nature.

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Open Science Academy is closed

Naturics has reached the global-consciousness level of understanding - the knowing through feeling.

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