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  1. Peter Jakobowski has created a marvellous overview about the most fundaMental concept of all: We Are Connected. This is thrilling learning, from the "insight out".
  2. "NATURICS TAKES TO THE SKIES" Look! Up in the Sky ... It's a bird! It's a plane! No - it's Super Nature :-). And what a wonder to see a quantum physicist in flight, bridging both Heaven & Earth and perhaps a bit of the Cosmos for us. If everyone on earth could take flight for a moment in their life - to see with objectivity and perspective what so often grips us in a gravitational heaviness - we might transform our perceptions of Life from the incite out ... to the INSIGHT out. Naturic's motto: Global Vision is the ability to see with one's Heart. Taking "flight" is a nice way to start :-)
    • Dear "human being"! Your comments are more worth than those of thousands professors or even Nobel-Prize winners anxious about their own position in the dying away traditional physics. Thank You!
  3. Thanks for the insight and spread sheet regarding the Mars alignment and the effect on the momentary weather on out northern hemnisphere. Just thinking - this must go both ways as the Mars Athmosphere is facing severe storms - Should be an indication that from Mars‘s perspective Earth and Sun are in alignment
    • Peter Naturics
      Congratulations! I am also sure that there is a strong connection between the storms on Mars and the hot summer on the Northern Hemisphere, indeed.

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