An open letter to Graham Hancock

An open letter to Graham Hancock

Posted on March 13, 2016 by Peter Jakubowski

Graham Hancock about Ancient and Future Cataclysm – The great return of the comet! Now is time to listen to him very carefully.

An open letter to Graham Hancock,

the author of Magicians of the Gods, The forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization“, (Hodder&Stoughton, UK, 2015).

(Posted on 13 March, 2016)

Dear Graham Hancock,

You have done an excellent job which resulted in this great book. It is important that many of us, Earth’s citizens in 2016, will read it. Your main idea is simple and clear. In your own words (p.431):
“We are in the midst of a profound paradigm shift regarding how we view the evolution of human civilization.”

I also agree with your following explanation of our present situation:
“To recognize, as archaeologists now do, that these early experiments in civilised living all took place right after the Younger Dryas ‘punctuation mark’, yet to take no account of the massive worldwide trauma and destruction, is a real lapse of scholarship. What is worse, however, is the parallel failure to devote even a moment’s consideration to the possibility that crucial chapters of the human story – perhaps even a great civilization of prehistoric antiquity – might have been erased from the historical record by those impacts and by the floods, the black bituminous rain, the time of darkness and the indescribable cold that followed.

If our own civilization were to pass through a comparable cascade of giant impacts would we survive?

All the indications are that we would not and this is why, in my view, the growing recognition of the reality of the Younger Dryas comet lays a duty upon archaeologists to desist – at the very least – from pouring further scorn upon ‘Atlantis’, and other rumours of a lost Ice Age civilization that have come down to us from the past. Rather that doing everything in their power to dismiss, minimise, and ridicule the myths, the anomalous monuments, and the other tantalizing hints, the evidence of the comet impacts 12,000 years ago requires that a thorough investigation of the mysteries, drawing on the full resources of science, should be undertaken for the first time.”

Yes, you are right that the “thorough investigation of the mysteries, drawing on the full resources of science, should be undertaken“. But not by the traditional scientists because the science itself, as you know, is “in the midst of a profound paradigm shift“. Therefore, nobody else but we ourselves and the growing number of others already thinking in the new-paradigm manner, are able to do it!

I’ll explain why I think so – but before introducing my own arguments as further extension of your wonderful book’s ideas, let me emphasize your grand thought on page 420. It is a compelling observation about the message from the lost civilization directed to our current society:
“It’s my intuition, as I’ve suggested at several points throughout this book, that the lost civilization sought to send a signal to the future – indeed to us, in the twenty-first century – and that the carrier wave of this signal is the precessional code.”

The notion that the Civilization of Giants could really be concerned about us is indeed encouraging. If even one percent of that possibility is true, we are all the more obliged to carry out our “thorough investigation” by means of “full resources of science“.

This should include my Unified Physics, our best available science of today.

After this introduction you’ll hopefully be inspired to follow my new arguments for expanding your viewpoints beyond the constraints of traditional physics which your book was obliged to accept.

Our new featured point is about the Universal Quantization of our world. The main consequence of this fact is a universal scale of time for all temporal events in our Universe. You surely agree with me that Nature doesn’t develop different strategies to run any energetic processes on different scales of size of the natural quanta – whether in atoms or galaxies, in our liver, or in our brain. I call this scale the Universal (or Cosmic) Timescale. It is a universal scale because all its periods, all natural periods in our observable Universe, are organized hierarchically and quantized with one and the same number (being 12.1428).

There are numerous important consequences of this universality of the natural processes. One of them is what we need directly, if we are going to speak about civilizations in the evolutionary sense. The theoretical life expectation (‘lifetime’) of a Civilization (as an evolutionary unit) is 1118.22 years. If the lifetime of a Civilization goes to the end, the next one begins. It will be repeated 12 times until, during the residual 0.1428 part of the thirteenth lifetime, the next higher evolutionary level of Species reaches its end. It is the level of Species and the still higher level of Genus which are extremely important for us to properly understand now. The lifetime of a Species is 12.1428 x 1118.22 = 13578.3 years. And the lifetime of a Genus is 12.1428 x 13578.3 = 164878 years. The problem we have to understand and “thoroughly investigate” together is that the period including the end of the recent Ice Age in general, and the Younger Dryas events in particular, was the theoretical “cosmic jump” (as I generally refer to such events) … not between two consecutive Civilizations and not between two consecutive Species but between two consecutive Genera of our own evolutionary Family Homo sapiens. Can you see the difference? We cannot comprehend the true scope of the happenings you so passionately describe in your book if we don’t realize that not only has a Civilization been lost during this “transition” (cosmic jump) but an entire Genus has experienced the natural end of its own lifetime of about 165,000 years.

This point leads us directly to several fundamental questions about our own evolution. Who were the last members of the last full Species (with its lifetime of 13578.3 years) of the previous Genus of the Family Homo sapiens? And who were the members of this Genus during the transition phase, the unfinished thirteenth Species of this Genus (living on Earth over 0.1428 x 13.578.3 = 1938.9 years ago)? Without continuous life-giving to ongoing generations of relatively healthy children, no evolution of human beings could be maintained. We would simply not be here today. Who maintained and kept alive our evolutionary Family during the terrible times you describe so passionately in your book? Who gave us our life after the cataclysm? Who were the ‘Magicians of the Gods’ really?

If we consider another well-known fact, still more important questions arise. The past 150 years of our own civilization, with its hundreds of millions of victims due to our wickedness and stupidity, were truly not a paradise-time. Despite that, the average growth of a human being worldwide is about 10 cm higher in this relatively short period of time. If we imagine the true paradise-time on Earth following the recent Ice Age – between roughly 20 and 10 thousand years ago – the people were also growing higher like their so-called “large fauna” (and like the dinosaurs many millions of years earlier). Assuming the same growth rate as present, it equates to about one meter during a lifetime of a single Civilization. After 10,000 years they had to become virtual giants, of several meters high. Furthermore they were all long-living human beings, reaching an age of many hundreds of years. This is neither myth nor fantasy. Our own traumatized Genus and Species “born” after the cataclysm must be compared with the tragic victims-children of Chernobyl or Fukushima rather than with those real long-living giants endowed with supernatural wisdom.

Here we touch upon my final imperative, after which I invite a more detailed further discussion together. The skills and knowledge of the ‘Magicians of the Gods’ can seem for us today as super-natural, but they are also easily understandable on the ground of the new-paradigm physics. The Quantum Spectrum of Matter shows very clear evidence that giants, whose brains reached 50 cm or more in diameter, were already able to use their super-brain on its normal level of the evolutionary development thousands of years ago. We are maybe able to imagine for ourselves similar skills if we compare “brain-ability” of a single ant with that of an entire colony of ants, or “brain-ability” of a single bird or fish with their respective swarm or school. Our sub-consciousness of today is a distant relative of the “normal-brain” consciousness of the giants.

Dear Graham Hancock, it would be a privilege to further explore with you the above mentioned points relating to this new-paradigm knowledge. Not only is it timely – but I see a real possibility to awaken from our global amnesia and heal ourselves from our collective trauma. Human being, as a member of our Family Homo sapiens, is not guilty of what has happened to him since the conclusion of the last Ice Age. However he can become guilty today by perpetuating “the same procedure as every year”. As you so rightfully state, we are now aware of the dangers threatening us and the Earth.

With my best regards,

Peter Jakubowski

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human being says:
March 13, 2016 at 19:19 (Edit)

Complex and captivating discourse. Perhaps that elusive quest for The Missing Link peers out at us this very moment – from the embers of a time warped antiquity which begs for modernity to catch up with its past. Would love to hear Graham’s thoughts …

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