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  1. I’m afraid, it’s not enough to rewind our minds again and again, without to introduce some old, forgotten long ago, knowledge about ourselves. We have to “rewind” more than seven thousand years back to the recent Neanderthals, our true biological “creators”.

  2. Thank you, Naturics, for being a maverick Voice of Future, Past, and Present in this ever-vivid crescendo.

    Space Exploration is fascinating and necessary … but unless it’s coupled with Inner Space Exploration to ground us in our essence, we’ll wind up further destabilising the cosmic show(down).

    That Human Beings misunderstood their role as the Starring Role is an understatement. And a world of chaos gone chaUs now has a virUs to remind us.

    What other reminders will it take for us to rewrite Act 2 in order to stave off Act 3 finale?

    This is no Spielberg film nor sci-fi. This is psy-fi.

    Let’s rewind our minds and use them wisely :-).

  3. Regarding your elucidating commentary to the already fascinating Tuscany Dialogues:

    1. How can we be so sure that an unforeseen anomaly – an aberration – won’t occur which somehow disrupts the Cosmic Timeline you refer to in Video #5?

    2. With respect to and irrespective of all the other species, who says Human Beings even SHOULD continue to exist, other than the (understandable) dictates and desires of our Super Ego?

    3. If Humans personalised Nature (and each other) … referring to a body of water as e.g. their Uncle and e.g. China referred to India as its continental cousin, might the Human Species be more inclined to care about their global family of All living beings … or would Human beings further reject and disrespect life on earth (and themselves) because of deeply embedded dysfunctional family issues which are bred exponentially and exported globally?

    4. How did you decide to make Michael Tobias the chiseled rock plateau and Ervin Laszlo the seaside cliff? 🙂

    1. Ad 1. “How can we be so sure..?”

      Because the Cosmic Hierarchy works perfectly precise and not interrupted since at least 7.1 Milliard(!) years. During this long time, all cosmic (quantum) jumps at the boundary between two consecutive periods of all levels of this hierarchy higher than 4, were always accompanied with the impacts of cosmic bodies (another members of our hierarchy, or the members of another such hierarchies in the same cosmic space as our) on the Earth’s and Moon’s surface. In that way we have obtained the impact craters as regular “tick-tacks” of our past. They were also always accompanied with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which could be espacially well documented during the recent millions of years, when the Earth was already inhabited with organisms leaving valuable fossils after theirs dead. In summary, we can be rather sure that the same cosmic-clock-bell will also ring all the following end-phases of the existence of life on Earth.

      Ad 2. “Who says…?”

      We all have to stand up and say that our children and grand-children are also Human Beings, and they have also the full right to “continue to exist” on Earth.

      Ad 3. “global family of All living beings …”

      Unified Physics can only give us a scientific tool. But only the new Unified Science (of all sicntists around the World) can be able to answer this fundamental question about our global “human family” on Earth.

      Ad 4. “How did you decide …?”

      Both pictures are just substitutes for photos of Micheal and Ervin (which I was not sure they would be happy to see in my videos).

  4. Bravo, Peter Nature. Your article about Evolutionary Trauma is ripe – and right on point. Much of our experience with Life On Earth has emanated from very local-individual places. Tech Connect changed that to a global overview. But we need to get bigger still. We need to see the birth pangs of not just an individual person but of a collection of nations … and generations … and mutations of our Human Nature in relation to our ultimate birth Mother (Nature). With a fuller understanding about our birth-on-earth process (the b’earth contractions of which are accelerating and intensifying), we’ll be more able to adapt to these evolutionary birth pangs being thrust upon us once again, and their incumbent trauma. It behooves us to wake up. Fast. Many won’t. Others will choose not to. And all of it will be what it will. But those who do awaken hold a particular parental gift which can help to heal or hurt the transition of billions, depending upon how ego-invested this role of Evolutionary Guide becomes. The fact is, any child – or nation – grows by example. And the outdated role models of our trauma days are being replaced by a new face. Strength, Care, Respect, Awareness – these are traits that need to be seeded into the soul of Humanity so we finally get to see the face of our Global Selfie from its “good side”. Piece by Peace, it’s about the giant baby steps that grow us into an Evolutionary New. We need more articles like this to bring this particular brand of trauma to the forefront, so it can be understood, cradled even, and its energy then dissipated … before we all disappear once again.

    1. It’s great, such a deep understanding and a clever comment to the end of our one-more year and the beginning of the new one (2020 is somehow extraordinary number; it comes soon). And thank you for the piece of peace.

  5. Compelling truth, your response. It really boils down to Conscious Choice, as to how – IF – Humanity rides this changing paradigm. And yes indeed, Naturics and SIMPOL and Synchronistory etc. are all inspired examples of emergency (emerge-and-see) possibility for Everybeing. After all, “When It Comes To The Climate We’re All cliMates :-).”.

  6. Your Post about Matriarchy is absorbing. An immense overview of an already immense issue like the Climate Change debate is a tough one to swallow when one is but one of billions trapped in an evolution that was not of one’s choosing! It sounds like you’re saying that if Humanity is to dodge another Atlantis-like disappearance, the quantum factor will need to factor into not just one of us, or many of us, but almost all of us. Easy to get a quantummy ache trying to digest all this, lol. But it really does give one pause: is our 6th Great Extinction inevitable … or can the creativity in our Humanity somehow make it endurable – transmutable?

    1. “… when one is but one of billions trapped in an evolution that was not of one’s choosing!”
      Our evolution was not of our choosing indeed. But now we have the unique opportunity to decide by ourselves which the next step of our development (evolution) should be: all together towards some future destination, or everybody against everybody until our infant-civilization’ total destruction.
      BTW, from my point of view, quantum nature of our Universe (including all of us) is not a “factor” to be considered or not. It is the primary condition of our (and the Universe) existence. Without it neither the evolution of the Cosmos, nor the evolution of life on Earth, nor our deep understanding of Nature could be possible at all.

      The present “Great Extinction” (there were much, much more than 6 previously) is not only inevitable; it started about 15 thousand years ago, and it is still running today. Neanderthals, “Big Fauna”, “Big Flora” were only the most known victims till now. Our single possibility to minimize the further disappearance of Species is to realize Simpol, Synchronistory, and the Unified Science (and all other – unknown to me at the moment – such “global” initiatives) as soon as possible. It is too late for fire-protection if the house is already burning. We have to care about as many survivors as possible, and surely not of our own species exclusively.

  7. Thanks for the insight and spread sheet regarding the Mars alignment and the effect on the momentary weather on out northern hemnisphere. Just thinking – this must go both ways as the Mars Athmosphere is facing severe storms – Should be an indication that from Mars‘s perspective Earth and Sun are in alignment


    Look! Up in the Sky …

    It’s a bird!

    It’s a plane!

    No – it’s Super Nature :-).

    And what a wonder to see a quantum physicist in flight, bridging both Heaven & Earth and perhaps a bit of the Cosmos for us.

    If everyone on earth could take flight for a moment in their life – to see with objectivity and perspective what so often grips us in a gravitational heaviness – we might transform our perceptions of Life from the incite out … to the INSIGHT out.

    Naturic’s motto: Global Vision is the ability to see with one’s Heart.

    Taking “flight” is a nice way to start 🙂

    1. Dear “human being”! Your comments are more worth than those of thousands professors or even Nobel-Prize winners anxious about their own position in the dying away traditional physics. Thank You!

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