Comments to Roger Nelson’s “Der Welt-Geist”

Dear Roger Nelson,

I have obtained a copy of your book "Der Welt-Geist" from A. yesterday (on 8th May, 2018). I have read it immediately, and now I am going to give you my comments to it. I think it could be important for you, because during the recent decades I was working parallel to your Project on the same question: "What is the nature of Global Consciousness?"

Being a physicist I have treated the problem not from the psychological but from scientific (physical) point of view. I have understood relatively shortly after my physics study that the "traditional" physics has no real chance to describe the animated world, and surely also not the highest enigma of it, our individual and global consciousness. I was "forced" to develop a New-Paradigm physics describing the whole of Nature in a unified (holistic) manner. I was lucky to be directed from my life circumstances to work completely alone (between 1990 and 2015), so I was not disturbed from any conventions and dogmas. The result is my Unified Physics, which has been presented on my website. (There you can find the direct links to my newest books, and to the peer-reviewed articles describing the new physics).

I know from A. that you are an open-minded scientist, so I am saving your and my time for a "small talk" and going directly to the heart of the matter.

My Unified Physics suggests the following answer of the above fundamental question ("What is the nature of Global Consciousness?").

1. The whole Universe is a hierarchically ordered quantum system. The largest quantum defines the observable Universe (its quantum area and its quantum period). We cannot (and don't need to) define any space and any time outside of our observable Universe.

2. The only original concept (idea) that has to be assumed as given (as axiom) in our Universe is the Quantum Creativeness, the Universal Creative Potential, the Oneness creating all other aspects of our Universe (including space, time, and energy).

3. Two exclusive, inseparable components of the Quantum Creativeness are matter and spirit. There is no matter without spirit, and there is no spirit without matter (!). The individual representations of the global ideas of Quantum Creativeness, Quantum Matter and Quantum Spirit, connected with an individual living organism are soul, body, and mind, respectively. (Note: it is not our soul which leaves our body when we are dying, but reversely, our body, and our mind are leaving our soul at this moment. Our soul contributes then to the global "pool" of life).

4. I propose to define the trio of global ideas (Quantum Creativeness, Quantum Matter and Quantum Spirit) as the Global Consciousness of our Planet (but not of the entire Universe (!)), and the trio of the individual ideas (soul, body, and mind) as the individual consciousness of every individual "object" of the Earth (living or not along the traditional way of thinking).

That is the kernel of the Unified-Physics definition of Consciousness.

If you are now asking yourself, which new concepts of physics do allow us such a radical change in our definition of Consciousness, my answer to you is included in my book "Unified Physics; which Einstein & Co. dreamed of and is finally realised now"). It would be to long to cite it here. Nevertheless, it is possible to give you the most important points of the New Paradigm in physics.

The most important novelty of the Unified Physics is the Unified Family of all physical quantities. All physical quantities of the traditional physics can be unified with each other. In other words, it can be shown that the numerical representation of the Oneness (the Universal Creative Potential) creates by means of its material (spatial) and spiritual (temporal) properties all physical quantities (including mass, electric charge, energy, force, speed, acceleration and so on) of the traditional physics. The price for this possibility: an alternative solution to Maxwell's Equations found by myself as early as 1980. The additional costs of the unification: we have to abandon the old ideas of linear time and scalar energy. They both are bivectors (tensors, 2-dimensional quantities). (Note that the traditional physics cannot define energy at all).

The second main novelty of the Unified Physics is the Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit Quanta. It can be imagined as a "library" of all possible quantum states in our (observable) Universe. The level of membranes (corresponding to quantum dimensions of about 5 nanometer and temperature of -29°C) is the true universal level of our observable Universe. It separates the levels of the smaller, inanimate quanta (with classes of molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, and quarks) from the levels of the animated quanta (with classes of tissue cells, nerve cells, brain quanta, and super-brain quanta). As we see, in our Universe life is as a natural consequence of the quantization as the inanimate "world" itself.

One of the most important practical consequences of the unification in physics is the understanding of the universal interaction "holding the Universe together". It is the quantum energy transfer. The four traditional interactions (gravity, electromagnetic, and two nuclear) are just an unnecessary illusion.

The evidence for the Unified-Physics correctness is enormous. The most impressive of them are:
1. the successful explanation of the origin, evolution and fate of our cosmic home, the Solar System;
2. the explanation of all energetic (dynamical) phenomena on the Earth, Moon, and all other planets of the Solar System;
3. the natural nanoscale foundation of all modern technologies, like nanotechnology, biotechnology, gene techniques, and others.

I hope, it is enough information to make you curious about the Unified Physics, the first really working explanation of your experiments.

Please feel free to contact me (as a commentator on my website).

Peter Jakubowski

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