Global Medicine of Tomorrow

Global Medicine of Tomorrow
Energy transfer in our body, illness as the disturbed energy transfer and healing as the restoration of the body`s energy transfer from the Unified-Physics point of view.

Aus den früheren Texts empfehle ich Ihnen meine konstruktive Kritik des Buches von James L. Oschman: "Energiemedizin".

Mein neustes Buch: "Bioresonanzen in der Einheitlichen Medizin", verbindet die neuen Ansichten der Einheitlichen Physik mit der Einheitlichen Medizin der Zukunft.

The full version of the new ideas concerning the Unified-Physics applications in the uninfied medicine of tomorrow has been recently published in two books, and in a series of seven articles in peer-reviewed International Journal of "Physics Essays".

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