ET1. Jupiter and Saturn are not planets

The "gas planets" of the Solar System are not planets!

It is impossible that the four Earth-like planets of the Solar System (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) could have the same history of formation as the four so-called "gas planets" (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). This must be obvious to us at least from comparing the real sizes of all known "planets".

Our Unified Science tells a very different story about this, but one that correlates much better with all known facts. Today's Solar System is the successor to the Proto-Solar System, which existed between 7.1 and 3.5 billion years before today.

Today's Jupiter is the nucleus of the stellar companion of the Proto-Sun, which I have called Andrea--star. Saturn is the remnant of the aggressor that fragmented the Andrea-star 3507 million years ago. Uranus and Neptune are two perpendicularly rotating "clouds of smoke" from this catastrophe. (In further news you will learn what other consequences this ancient catastrophe has had).

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