Matriarchy is our solution; and our destiny!

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Matriarchy is our solution; and our destiny!

As the ice shields of the recent Ice Age began to disappear from the northern continents (about 15 thousands years ago), great civilizations of human beings of that times began gradually to rise to larger and larger demographic units of Clans, Districts and Cities. They populated preferably the seaside of all continents. The climatic and biological conditions became better and more comfortable to live in continuously growing communities. But the most important condition for a peaceful life was another one. It was the matriarchal organization of the Basic and the Great Families. There was no need for a Great Family or a Clan to compete with other groups of Humans for food or for place in the Sun. All women were free to decide when and how often they should give birth for the next generation. The idea of wars and of children being born to kill someone else was still not known to those lucky civilizations (which I called: Atlantis Civilizations on all continents; Regular before 6658 B.C.E. and Evolutionary between 6658 and 4720 B.C.E.; compare the picture below.). The human beings of that times grew much higher and lived much longer than we do today. They have developed true superbrains in their large skulls, allowing them to communicate directly across the universal quantum field of energy. Their enormous knowledge was stored and always available directly in and from that field. They didn't need any books as their knowledge storage. Their memory was "eternal" in the energy field.

Unfortunately for them, they lived, as we do today, on our single planet, inside of the huge Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System. Their paradise on Earth was under increasingly stronger cosmic influence already around 9 thousand years ago. In year 6658 B.C.E., the recent energetic cosmic quantum jump of level 4 of this hierarchy has culminated and marked the beginning of the recent such jump of level 5, which culminated 4720 B.C.E. We are not able to imagine for ourselves the enormous catastrophic dimension of the times between 9 and 6 thousands years ago. Hundreds of years of cosmic impacts, gigantic volcanic eruptions, earthquakes of unknown to us scale, tsunamis of hundreds of meter high on all coasts of the globe, and the following climatic changes of unimaginable intensity, are just the most important keywords of those catastrophic times. However, the most interesting keyword in that context is evolution.

The evolution of life of all species of "big fauna" and "big flora" has been changed abruptly. But our own evolution has changed probably most dramatically. It was not just interrupted, it was almost finished. All civilizations of those times have been erased from the Earth's surface. Only a few percent of the humans survived the beginning of the catastrophe around 6658 B.C.E. And still less of them were able to obtain their own children for the coming three thousand years. It was the enormous life-span of about a few hundred years of those people, which allowed the species to survive from generation to generation. And it was the matriarchy, allowing the children to remain by their mothers for around hundred years long. The strongest ever collective trauma of humanity of a total and global death in our worldwide culture has its origin in those cosmic and terrestrial happenings.

The biggest problem was the dramatic change of the human beings' genetics due to the unprecedented high cosmic "radiation", much stronger than after the Chernobyl or Fukushima reactor catastrophes. Most of the newborn came to the world with massive bodily and mental deformity. They were not able to continue the "normal" evolution of human beings. They gave the basis for the mythology of terrible creatures during the following millennia, up to our times. Nevertheless, a very small part of the newborn children appeared also with a distinctly different bodies and mentality. They were smaller, with smaller brains, but with some new possibilities unknown to their parents and grandparents. Our own new Genus of Homo Sapiens Sapiens was born, with its first (and the single till now) Species, our own Species.

The first civilization after the culmination of the cosmic quantum jump of level 5 (which I called: Atlantis Survivors) consisted of those three groups of humans: the long-living, large postured parents and grandparents of the new-species children, the new-species children themselves, and their terrible relatives trying to catch, to kill (or simply to eat) the other two groups. The only positive property of those wild aggressors from the point of view of the previous two groups was their stupidity, they inability to organize themselves. Thus, the only possible protection for the two other groups against the aggression was to organize themselves in groups and to become settled behind any protecting "boundary". The will to survive was the strongest motivation for the new wave of settlement. Domestication of animals and agriculture were two concomitant phenomena of those collective trauma.

The another natural concomitant of that new situation was the successively growing population of the settlers living on a small common space. The following development of the aggression between the neighboring groups of settlers was the end of matriarchal structure inside of the Great Families. How it led to the next, patriarchal civilizations (like those on the diagram below), and to the atomic bomb and all wars of our times, is a known story from our school textbooks.

The conclusion from the all said above is that the present era of patriarchal civilizations of humanity could be finished immediately if we return to the ancient matriarchy again and allow all women to decide when, how, and why to bring our new children to our future world of tomorrow and beyond. The Demographic Quantum Spectrum of Human Communities (and other ideas of the Unified Science explained in our introductory and additional references) should help us to find out our new identity as Individuals, as members of our Families and as members of the entire Humanity. It is true that global problems need global solutions. However, we have to accept that our Universe is quantized, and thus also our global solutions (whether economic, social or cultural) cannot be transported from an individual to Humanity without the quantum steps between.

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