SO6. The Sun dances around Venus

In our first observation suggestion we learned that within 247 years the Sun makes an apparent full circle around Venus. In reality, this is only a slow shift in perspective in which we can observe from Earth the relative positions of the Sun and Venus to each other, on the background of the fixed stars. In reality, with this period of 247 years, the fragmented mass of the former Andrea-Star moves around the centre of the mass of the entire Solar System (in Venus).

The real position of the Sun must adjust to this motion so that an equilibrium of the two masses (the Sun and the former Andrea-Star) can remain motionless in relation to the common centre of mass. However, with a new JUICE mission to the Jupiter system due to launch in the summer of next year (2022), I have my 6th observational proposal for the astrophysicists of the world. The proposal is the following.

The JUICE space probe will be on its way to Jupiter for more than seven years. It would be necessary to choose a favourable phase of the flight when the probe's cameras could photograph the exact relative positions of the Sun and Venus on the background of some fixed stars. And not just once but several times (3 to 10) at intervals of about 30 days. On these photographs one will be able to see clearly (of this I am convinced) that it is not Venus that orbits around the Sun, but the other way round, that the Sun "dances" around Venus. This will be the simplest direct proof of the existence of the mass (of about 17 Jupiter masses) of the Sun's Dark Companion in the Kuiper Belt.

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