O32. Definition of the Concept of Evolutionary Trauma

(The transgenerational post-traumatic psychical and physical stress disorder).

In Wikipedia article to transgenerational trauma we read: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgenerational_trauma),

"Soon after descriptions of concentration camp syndrome (also known as survivor syndrome) appeared, clinicians observed in 1966 that large numbers of children of Holocaust survivors were seeking treatment in clinics in Canada. The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors were overrepresented by 300% among the referrals to a child psychiatry clinic in comparison with their representation in the general population.

The phenomenon of children of traumatized parents being affected directly or indirectly by their parents’ post-traumatic symptoms has been described by some authors as secondary traumatisation (in reference to the second generation). To include the third generation, as well, the term intergenerational transmission of trauma was introduced. Building upon the clinical observations by Selma Fraiberg, child trauma researchers such as Byron Egeland, Inge Bretherton, and Daniel Schechter have empirically identified psychological mechanisms that favor intergenerational transmission, including dissociation in the context of attachment, and "communication" of prior traumatic experience as an effect of parental efforts to maintain self-regulation in the context of post-traumatic stress disorder and related alterations in social cognitive processes."

This "intergenerational transmission" was very effective over many generations, depending on the intensity of the traumatic experiences of the main generations being directly affected by the traumatizing events. It was especially strong, when those traumatizing events did happen to be repeated again and again over many hundreds of years, producing many generations of the traumatized victims, as in the case of the recent cosmic quantum jump of level 5 of our Cosmic Hierarchy (which began about 12 thousand years ago, culminated 4720 B.C.E., and practically lasts till our times).

The myths concerning the falling stars, the natural catastrophes (including the worldwide deluge), but also the giants with different physical and mental dysfunctions hunting the members of the new Species of Homo sapiensSapiens, are integrated forever in our cultural and religious myths. Everyone of us on the Earth of today have heard one or another version of those myths. We are still collectively traumatized with the birth of our own Species.

An individual can become traumatized through the process of its own birth when the own mother had to bear under dramatic circumstances. And a Species can become similarly traumatized on a global scale when her appearing on the stage of life was correspondingly even a much more dramatic process. As a Species we have survived our first cosmic hours of life, we are here. But as a collective, we have witnessed so many dying members of our families, clans, and civilizations during the recent 12 thousand years, that we could not free ourselves from our "survivor syndrome". Till today.

But now, after we have understood the situation, we should be able to make a point in the "mythology" of our past. We are entering the era of our new, First Global Civilization on Earth. We have to grow up over the times of national rivalries, wars and competitions. We can live all together in peace and respect to each other. We can enjoy our lives; and respect the Nature and all other living organisms.

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