UP28. What is Energy?

Most of the media, and therefore most politicians, want to scare us into believing that we are living in times of an energy crisis. Energy is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore increasingly expensive, and for many of us it may soon be unaffordable. All this scaremongering is a strong example of scientific appropriation (which I recently reported on_[Link]). The media and politicians use the term "energy", which they have appropriated from traditional science, but none of them can really explain to us what energy is.

1) The fundamental property of energy W:
Energy can only exist in portions (quanta)
(also thought, exchanged, radiated, absorbed).

2) The scientific definition of energy W:
Energy of a quantum is the scaled area A of each quantum: W = FfA;
where the scaling constant Ff is the quantum circulation:
Ff = constant = h/mu= h/ru2tu = ru2/tu = 1.3096*10-4 m2/s.

3) The paraphrased definition of energy W:
Energy is the fuel of all activity in the Universe
(including our thinking, our consciousness and our feelings).

[Technical note: In the Unified Science we have to use the sign W as a symbol of energy, because the traditionally used sign E has to be reserved as a symbol of the electric field. The electric field E has no equivalent alternative, whereas energy has an equivalent physical quantity: it is work. This is why W is used as the energy symbol in our unified science].

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