O4. There are no absolute truths

When it comes to describing the world we all live in, there are no absolute truths. We can never be sure we really know anything about it. We can only make assumptions about it and look for more or less convincing experimental confirmation of these assumptions. Traditional physics has led us to believe that its statements are such absolute truths. My unification of physics, however, has shown that our scientific description of the Universe around us, and within us, was only a narrative (indeed, something like a fairy tale for adults).

So it is high time to switch from traditional physics to our Universal Philosophy, a philosophy of life and its inanimate cosmic home. We want to report on this new view here and discuss it with all of you. The "narrative" about the world we live in can be fun again, even inspiring. But above all, it must never again be a "nightmare" of young people's education. So, be there, join in.

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