O5. Our First Global Civilisation

The greatest civilisations of modern humans (such as, in the Mediterranean, Ancient Egypt, New Egypt, the Greeks, the Romans and the Middle Ages) all eventually came to an end. What have we learned from their rise and fall? Can we save our current, First Global Civilisation, from the mistakes of the past? Let's take a closer look at this diagram.

What happened on Earth about seven thousand years ago? And what does it mean for us today and for our whole civilisatory period from 1989 to 3108? This is what the Universal Philosophy of Naturics tells us.

All of us, but especially those born after 1989, belong to the First Global Civilisation of the world. Our parents and grandparents who died before 1989 still belonged to the most murderous Medieval Civilisation. It is our duty to ensure that there will never again be as many and as senseless deaths as in the Middle Ages. Thanks to one of the most important discoveries of the Unified Science, the Universal Time Scale, it has now become possible for us to define and limit all historical periods of human history (including our evolution) very precisely and unambiguously. (More about this in the other news.)

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