O6. Appeal to science journalism

Düsseldorf, 9th November, 2021

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my renewed appeal to you regarding a matter that concerns us all.

Let us first establish some facts.

1. Physics is our human, scientific description of Nature.
2. Physics is the basis of all natural sciences and technologies.
3. The unification of all conceivable branches of physics has been a dream of many physicists, most notably Albert Einstein.
4. I have been an unusual physicist who has devoted the last 40 years to the real unification of all physics. Today I call myself more of a universal philosopher.
5. It was a question of time, but also of perseverance, until this unification was realised.
6. The fact that it was I who succeeded in doing so is secondary. However, it could only be realised by a real human being (i.e. not by an AI or a computer simulation).

Secondly, some references.

7. The core of Unified Physics has been published in the international journal Physics Essays (three introductory articles in 1990 and 1992, and a final series of seven articles in 2015-2017).
8. As this journal is too expensive for the general readership ($100 per issue), I have also written a book as a summary of Unified Physics (2017, in English): "Unified Physics; which Einstein & co. dreamed of and is finally realised now").
9. For German-speaking readers, I have also written a German summary of Unified Physics (2018, "Bioresonances in Unified Medicine").
10. My transition from Unified Physics to Universal Philosophy is marked by the 2020 book "Physics was Yysterday, Universal Philosophy is today".
11. The most important book of Universal Philosophy, however, is the latest book: "I, You, and All of Us; Where do we come from, and how can we build a Familiar Democracy". (Both books 10. and 11. are linked here.)

Thirdly: The purpose of the appeal.

12. It is clear to me that the new physics will fundamentally change not only all of science and technology, but also our culture and the way we live together.
13. My task is to help you to become aware of this as well.
14. Your task would be to make Unified Physics, Unified Science and its consequences for our common future known and understandable to the rest of the world, step by step, with all the means of modern science journalism.
15 What is the point of all this? It is difficult to imagine today what the world will look like ten years after the "introduction" of Unified Physics into our world-spanning science, technology, culture and education. However, we must learn from the mistakes of the past. Einstein's equation (E=mc²) produced the terribly effective atomic bomb, yet it did not introduce new physics. That is why Chernobyl and Fukushima were unavoidable; there is still no working physical basis for nuclear reactors; there is even no definition of energy itself.
16. Therefore, our (mine, yours, and science journalism's in general) most urgent task is: to publicise the knowledge of Unified Physics, and the related issues of Unified Science and Universal Philosophy, as widely as possible to all strata of the world's population, so that no "evil" applications become possible without public scrutiny. Moreover, by explaining the essential interrelationships in Nature in a comprehensible way, the all-important enthusiasm for Nature can be restored to society. I ask you to take this task seriously.

Naturics (combined from the English Natur-e and Phys-ics) is the applied Unified Physics - that is, Naturics includes all past and future applications of the new physics in the natural sciences and humanities, as well as in all possible technologies.

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