UP16. I’m worried about you

Our First Global Civilisation is taking off right now. This decade 2021-2030 will decide your life. Do you live alone as a young person? Do you live alone as an old person? Are you dreaming of living alone because you are forced to live with your family as a very young person, but you would rather leave them today?

Have you already tried living alone? Were you perhaps forced to do so by the so-called "circumstances of life"? If so, you should know: having to live alone sucks. Both biologically and psychologically. If you know only one single person who claims he/she would be happy living alone, then you can be sure he/she is a liar. Or he/she is so traumatised after a previous failed relationship that he/she no longer has the courage to allow a new search for happiness.

It is nonsense (at least from a mathematical point of view) to hope for the jackpot and wait for a princess/prince. It is much more important to be in the game of life in the first place. As a voluntary, single person, you are always only a spectator in this game. But it is enough to allow only one interpersonal relationship and you are back in the game. Of course, you have to be careful, sober and alert. But there are many more people who, among others, are also waiting for you. That is, who would be willing to enter into a closer relationship with someone like you if you make the effort to show your good side first. And if you are deeply determined to work on making your bad side less and less important, and even disappear altogether as soon as possible.

A very good piece of advice in such attempts to form a new relationship is, I think, to be prepared to give much more than you take. If you can read this text, it means you haven't landed at the bottom of our society, penniless, hopeless, at a loss. It means you still have something to give. Be it only your human warmth, which the other person desperately needs. But in such a rich society as the Germans are today, there are millions of single people, "relationship-less" people, who also have other "gifts" than just human warmth at their disposal. A large flat that one could share with someone is only one example of such possibilities here. But also very practical things of life, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electronic devices, books, and much more, could be shared in a human relationship.

A huge reduction in the burden on the environment would only be a side effect. The most important effect, however, would be the newly found meaning of life for both relationship partners. The second most important effect would be the new human couples who would be entitled and able to adopt and raise the still numerous orphan children. And the third most important effect would be the decreasing number of egoists, so numerous today, who threaten to blow up our society from within.

So you, stop being offended or angry. It doesn't get you anywhere. Draw a line under it, preferably starting today. It doesn't have to remain your future life too, the lonely life you live now. Go outside with open eyes, but above all, with an open heart. Maybe you don't have to go far at all. Try it out. Until it works. I wish you much success. You have to take care of happiness yourself.

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