O29. Eckart von Hirschhausen: A turning point in sight?

More than ten years ago, I was a witness when Dr Eckart von Hirschhausen used one of his entertainment events (in Gelsenkirchen) to make fun of homeopaths, among other things. As I was already sure at the time that Mr von Hirschhausen was talking complete nonsense in this respect, I avoided all his other events and documentaries as a matter of principle. I find it cheap and dangerous to make fun of one's own professional society without being an expert in the field. Dangerous because, as in this case of homeopathy, the law is on the side of the ridiculed.

Homeopathy is a natural healing method based on plant extracts that are highly diluted with water. Traditional science, which is still passed on to doctors today, assumes that water (like all other substances, including the plant extracts used) consists of molecules (i.e. atomic compounds). If this were the case, the homeopathic natural remedies would hardly contain any molecules of the "healing plants" at very high dilutions. The conclusion of jokers who make fun of homeopathy is then: homeopathy treats patients with pure water and therefore cannot heal (except perhaps a placebo effect). However, homeopaths very often see a real healing effect from their treatment. How can this be so?

Only my Unified Science can provide the solution to this riddle. According to this new description of nature, it is not the molecules of water and plant extracts that we offer to the patient, but much larger energetic portions (the matter-mind quanta), a few nanometres in size. The energetic "memory" of the water, which is activated by shaking the mixture, stores the energetic images of the plant matter-spirit quanta in the substance of the water, which thus retains the healing effect of the plants.

Dr von Hirschhausen is not (or no longer) a joker. He has only too easily taken part in the traditional hounding. The whole "action" is a powerful example of the danger inherent in scientific appropriation. Recently, however, I saw a documentary by and with Eckart von Hirschhausen (on ARD, 12 June 2023: "Hirschhausen - was von Corona übrig bleibt"), which this time presents him totally clueless in the face of the permanent damage that the corona pandemic has caused to many people. So there are signs of a turnaround in the trust that Mr Hirschhausen still has in the (traditional) scientific description of nature. And rightly so. We must once again apply uniform science to understand these late effects of the pandemic. But that would have required its own article on this blog. And a direct engagement of several open-minded scientists.

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