Q5. Rutger Bregman; Basically good

The earliest book in my "summer series" was written by Rutger Bregman, who was also later featured in the "Sternstunde Philosophie" programme.

In the introduction to this 3Sat report (from 29 May 2022) we read:
"There is war in Europe, climate change is progressing, millions of people are starving. But for historian Rutger Bregman, it is clear that humans are basically benevolent and good.
How do the war atrocities in Ukraine fit in with his conviction? And can this belief in goodness really inspire others and change us humans?
Rutger Bregman has good news for us: in his million-selling bestseller "Basically Good. A New History of Humanity", he outlines humans as naturally helpful and co-operative. It is not "the survival of the fittest" that has led to success, but "the survival of the friendliest". And he is convinced: "It is precisely the belief in the good in people that makes us good people."
I lent the book to someone in my family and have not yet received it back (please return it!). So instead of copying some quotes here, I'll direct you straight to the video I made about this book a little earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_wEq-k1uYo . It's worth investing a few minutes of your time for these ideas.

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