UP1. Our duty to continue evolution

Why it is so important to become aware of our duty to continue evolution as best we can?

Quote from the book "I, You, and All of Us" (p. 141)

But for the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System, the Earth has always been just a small "Blue Dot" in space. The cosmic merry-go-round continued to run unhindered. The Cosmic Clock was always punctual with its hours, which announced the corresponding transitions of the Earth through the variously dangerous zones of the Universe.

We already know the rest of the story from previous chapters. If we waited until 16.4 million years ago, for example, we witnessed the emergence of the first primates. And around the year 4720 B.C., we could see how the first representatives of our own Genus (and Species) had to be cared for and protected by the last Neanderthals, in order to survive in the world of the still immense cosmic catastrophe of stage 5 (which none of us can really imagine today), and to secure our own descendants. This is precisely why it is so important today to become aware of our duty to continue evolution as best we can. The unified vision of the inanimate and the living world around us, and within ourselves, can no longer be described and comprehended with Physics. For this, a new, Universal Philosophy is needed, a philosophy of life in a life-enabling (but not guaranteeing) Universe. It is precisely out of this sense of duty that this book was written. Even though it describes many ideas that are unknown to most of you, I hope that I can convey these novelties understandably enough. And if my wish comes true, you will even feel the enthusiasm for the wonderful simplicity and incredible beauty of the Universe in which we are privileged to live. I have felt it for years. That is why I know how valuable it is for our physical and mental health and strength.

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