UP21. War in Ukraine shows how weak our democracy is

Nowadays, people should no longer be divided geographically into Europeans, Asians or Africans. But you still have to divide them, unfortunately, according to their historical views. There is a majority of people who would like to leave the murderous Medieval Civilisation behind. But there is also still a small minority who do not want to leave the Middle Ages. They are still intellectually stuck in the thought patterns of the conquerors, the inquisitors, the conquistadors, or even the world rulers. This minority must be isolated as soon as possible, as was done with one of its worst representatives, Napoleon Bonaparte at the end of his criminal raids.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the idea of democracy was not yet as widespread worldwide as it is today. But even today, people do not really understand what this idea is all about. It is not about the domination of the world by the people, the "world people". It is not about "ruling" at all. It is much more about the common management of all the natural goods that Nature offers us. In this, the main misunderstanding of the idea of democracy lies in how we can all together realise this common stewardship. Life, including today's war in Ukraine, clearly shows us that we - the "world people" - must not see ourselves as a bureaucratic collection of individuals. As a collection of adult human beings who all want and should have an equal voice in every decision. That can never work. Because we are not all adults of the same age. And quite naturally, we're not. It takes about 22 years for a child to really have a constructive say when it comes to world-changing issues. And it takes even longer at the end of a fulfilled life, when an old person no longer has the desire or strength to bother with such issues.

In short, the members of a 3-generation family are best and most effectively represented by a member of that family freely elected by that family. Instead of 12 potential equally entitled votes of a 12-member 3-generation Base Family, we then have only 1 vote of the representative. This practical (and necessary) reduction in the number of democratic votes goes even further up the demographic spectrum of the world's population. 12 Base Families of a Great Family democratically elect a common representative of this Great Family, who with his single vote represents the opinion of all (statistically - 144) members of his Great Family. And, what is even more important, this representative still personally knows all the people he represents. He knows the opinions and wishes of them all.

This procedure goes even further, up to the highest level of World Administration, which is composed of the representatives of all (statistically 140-150) Nations of the world. And all these representatives of the Nations still know each other and also respect each other personally. None of the Nations built on this family democracy ever gets the criminal idea of wanting to fight another Nation militarily. The parents and grandparents alone, or even uncles and aunts of such a potential criminal would put him under house arrest in time or render him harmless in some other way. In a familial-participatory democracy, Putins have no place from childhood onwards.

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