UP23. Family First! Make Family great again!

Every person in the world normally comes from one family. In order to involve all people in shaping our world community, we invented democracy. The thesis in my latest books and also in this blog is such transformation of the principles of democracy, in which this great idea can be really realized. Eight billion voices cannot be taken into account at the same time. In order to be able to realize the worldwide democracy, we must put again this natural family connection of all humans into the foreground of our efforts for the democracy. How this could look concretely, I present in the following article.

In my last book ("Unified Science about me, you, and all of us"), I propose that we return to the natural unity of every human society, the basic family. Indeed, I realized that all life in our Universe is energetically quantized. This means that human groups, which are nothing but "naturally organized energy", must also follow this pattern of the quantum spectrum.

Only this natural hierarchy of the individual levels of our world community provides us with a real possibility to create a familiar-participative democracy, in which not the impossible is attempted (namely, to consider billions of individual voices), but the rule (which is quite often observed in Nature) is accepted, that a representative of a certain human group may and can represent this whole group on the correspondingly higher levels of the demographic hierarchy.

In order to be able to realize this vision, all Basic Families of a Great Family must be able to live spatially very close to each other permanently. In order to realize this in turn, we must completely rethink our world community and plan its dwellings accordingly. This blog-contribution describes my suggestion for it (more background knowledge you can find in my last books). And, yes, the title of this contribution is intentionally provocative, because it should not be a "flash in the pan", but must remain in the memory.

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