UP24. 2070; Keep going! Keep doing!

My practical proposal of a typical living arrangement of a basic family (BaFa), what I proposed in my last book ("Unified Science about me, you, and all of us"), is presented here still extended by some practical details.

The purpose of the whole transformation of the world community was and is the preservation of the most important achievement of mankind so far, namely democracy, from the destructive attempts of all former ideologies (like fascism, communism, or capitalism) to undermine this idea. Only after several crises and catastrophes of the 20th century it was recognized that democracy does not mean exactly what one wanted to take from the wording of the name "democracy". Not every vote of every individual can be perceived at the same time. The vote must also (like all the rest of Nature) be "energetically quantized". A representative of each individual BaFa carries all votes of the BaFa to the level of the extended (great) family and the clan. Only then the representative of this clan carries the collective voice of the whole clan to the level of the districts and the city. And only then can the representatives of all (about 140) cities of a nation with a "collective voice" of the nation represent it at the world forum of all (about 140) nations, equally weighted for each nation (which gathers a group of about 36 million people). These 140 "national" representatives all know each other personally. And only they represent all the voices of humanity. If one of them does not behave democratically, this becomes immediately visible for all others. Only on this "quantized" Familiar Democracy, organized on the core of human families, we can all hope together that it will help us to solve the enormous environmental problems that will still come to us humans.

Let us imagine: it is the year 2070. What could we have achieved by then if we actually start to reorganize our world community today. Otherwise, if we wait a few more decades, we will lose the last chance to save ourselves from extinction. Instead, we put ourselves at the forefront of the species that will leave the Earth.

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