UP24. Family First! Make Family great again!

In my last book ("I, You, and All of Us") I propose to return to the natural unity of every human society, the basic family. For I have recognized that all life in our universe is energetically quantized. This means that also the human groups, which are nothing else than "naturally organized ener-gy", must also follow this pattern of the quantum spectrum. The natural quantum levels of a human world community are presented in the following table.

Only this natural hierarchy of the individual levels of our world community provides us with a real possibility to create a family-participative democracy, in which not the impossible is attempted (namely, to consider billions of individual voices), but the rule is accepted, which is quite often observed in nature, that a representative of a certain group may and can represent this whole group on the correspondingly higher levels of the demographic hierarchy. This rule is caused by the natural limitation that each of us can actively accompany at most 140-150 other people through the whole life. For more active "humanity" our biological "recognition capacity" is not sufficient. In the practical example (from my book) I explain this a little more precisely:
"The democratically elected administrator (leader) of a higher subgroup still personally knows the administrators of all 140 subgroups two levels lower in the entire organization of the Worldwide Human Community. For example, the administrator of a city knows personally all the leaders of the 140 clans living in his city. This enables him to solve all the daily problems, as well as the future plans of this city, together with all the inhabitants. This, in turn, is possible because the leaders of the clans, in turn, already personally know the representatives of all the base families in each individual clan. In a similar way, the head of a world administration, whatever we want to imagine as such, knows the leaders of all 140 (today a little more) nations of the whole world. Only then, I am convinced, can we hope for a just and productive cooperation of the entire world community. And only such just cooperation, based on the real trust, can really end the bloodstains of history and secure the future of several generations to come."

One of my practical suggestions on how we need to reorganize the world is that no more private ownership of any piece of the earth can be allowed. The Earth (the land, the waters, the atmosphere) belongs to all of us and must be managed by a Global World Administration. It is obligated, among other things, to provide each basic family (of about 12 people in 3 or 4 generations) with 1 acre of land for a lifetime lease (free of charge, of course). In the book cited before, I presented the following sketch of such a housing complex of a base family.

The whole plant has an area of one hectare (i.e. 10,000 m²). So each box of the sketch corresponds to an area of 100 m². The "blocks" A are houses for the individual generations, or otherwise divided subgroups of the base family. B is meant as a house of meetings for all family members and for guests, and W as an economic house for furnishings that can be shared by all (and thus would have to be procured only once for the 12 people). The remaining yellow areas are free to the creativity and dreams of the inhabitants.

Recently I drew a 3D image of such a facility that presents its advantages even more clearly.

[For larger image click here]

However, such a base family (called BaFa for short) does not live alone, of course. Ideally, the other members of the extended family of our example Basis family (the siblings of the grandparents, the parents, the - when the time comes - adult children with their own Basis families) live in the neighboring areas. It is estimated that there will always be about 12 base families. If we now imagine the new 1-Ha home as a leaf of an abstract tree, a settlement for such a large family can look like a branch with twelve leaves (which include the blue ellipse on the upper left or also on the lower right). The whole tree symbolizes then the dwelling place of a clan (with statistically 1728 persons).

In the red ellipse you can imagine all the facilities that the whole clan wants or needs to share. Such a residential complex of a clan thus occupies a land area of about 2 km².

We dream now only one stage further. A district of a "city" of the future, housing 11 other clans, could look like the one shown below.

A district, with about 21 thousand people, occupies the land area of about 25 km². The gardens, the sports fields, the playgrounds for children, and still miscellaneous, can be quite nicely embedded in the nature by appropriate forestation. And still, one needs at most a bicycle to reach the (professional, cultural, spiritual, or administrative) district facilities.

In order not to let the fantasy end only as utopia, here still some numbers, which are to prove that also so rela-tiv densely populated country, like Germany, could permit itself such a dream, if one only dares to convert the fantasy into the reality.

1 million people means (statistically) about 580 clans = 48 districts = 4 cities. A branch of our abstract tree (1 clan with 1728 inhabitants) needs an area of about 2 km². This results in about 1200 km² for 1 million inhabitants. Or: 25 km² / 1 district; 300 km² / 1 city; 3600 km² / 1 big city; 44.000 km² / 1 statistical nation (36 million inhabitants); or in the end about 100.000 km² / 80 million inhabitants in Germany.

Germany's area is 357000 km². Of this are: Green areas (2,2%) 7.686 km² ; Agriculture (53,5%) 191.119 km² ; Forestry (29,5%) 105.432 km² ; Water areas (1,9%) 6.749 km² ; Built-up areas (8%) 28.500 km². For Germany, the official land statistics show 51,693 km² of land for settlement and transport at the end of 2020; of this, about 43.7% was sealed.

If we would start right away to convert the agricultural areas, which are misused to produce the edibles that we throw away every day or misuse in another form, and also the highways, the fallow industrial areas and other unused areas, into our "green" settlements, our grandchildren could already have completely different childhoods, much more closely tied to nature, than the generation of my children still experienced.

By the way, a basic family could still live quite comfortably on an area two times smaller. In regions of the world that are more densely populated than ours in Europe, other solutions could be devised. But the earth as a whole must be used quite differently than it has been up to now. But we must never lose sight of one thing: the basic family and the extended family must always be at the forefront of our thoughts and activities. According to the motto: Make Family great again!

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