O1. Einstein would be happy!

Albert Einstein dedicated the second half of his life to search for a single theory that could explain the entire workings of the Universe. He remained hopeful of finding this “Theory of Everything” until his death. But his dream never materialised.

How happy he might now be to read my two recent books: "Unified Physics" and "Bieresonanzen in der Einheitlichen Medizin". He would immediately understand what perpetually hindered him from a unification of physics (our scientific description of Nature's entirety). He would also have found validation for his scepticism about the 20th century's Quantum Theory being incomplete.

Yes … Einstein would be happy indeed. If only he'd had an opportunity to read these books. While their timing was too late for him, they are perhaps perfectly timed for you. For those of us who have been dreaming Einstein's dreams, they are now ready for reality and available in these two fascinating books. Today Nature's explanation is simpler and more uniform than ever. Read for yourselves!

Technical Note: the additional references to the book:

"Unified Physics";

because of the closing of the Open-Science-Academy website.

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