Additional references to the book: “Unified Physics”

Additional references to the newest book: "Unified Physics".
(because of the recent closing od the Open-Science-Academy website).

The actualised references are the following:

Ref. 3. "Consequences of the Unification in Physics"; seven articles published in Physics Essays; An international journal dedicated to fundamental questions in physics, (from December 2015 till June 2017); (

Ref. 7. Free download of "Climatic Ultimatum" ( (6.5 MB)

Ref. 13. "The Unified Physics of Naturics is the New Paradigm", Third International Meeting for New Paradigm Research at L-INPR, Jan 2016; (

Ref. 21. Free download of "Atlantis of the Neanderthals" ( (2.5 MB)

Ref. 32. see Ref. 7.

Ref. 33. "An open letter to Graham Hancock"; (

Ref. 37. "Anthropogenic modulation of our cosmic environment"; (

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