UP17. Dawn of an Era of Well-Being; Episode 3

Dear Alison,

I have just listened to your Episode 3.

Great as ever.

1) At 15th Min Michael Tobias put the question: “Can the individual in fact direct evolution? Can the individuals feelings, thoughts, dreams actually alter the portal through which humanity views the world?”

2) At 26-28th Min he says: “Humanity has an illness. … And mostly 6000-7000 years ago we started to see aggression. … (But previously) along 300 000 years we were making peace, making love, and not making war. So we know exactly how to do that.”

3) And about 49-50 Min he argued to everybody of us as an individual: “Become a part of it. Become a responsible member of this orchestra.”

There are two main problems with our understanding of our own situation, our role in the Nature, and of our individual responsibility for it.

Let us consider the following fictitious picture. All people try to drive their cars simultaneously. They all are acting as individualists. Imagine, there are a lot of cars. They are standing side by side, close to each other. There are certainly some clever people among the drivers. There are lovely people (like you). There are philosophers (like Laszlo or Tobias), too. There are also different other characters. However, they all have a big problem. There are no any highways available, not even GPS, no maps available. The result: nobody is really coming nearer to one’s own destination. The people are beginning to become hungry, thirsty. Some are already dying. A huge catastrophe is threating the drivers humanity. Nothing helps.

The lovely people appeal to all others to be cooperative, ready to help each other. The philosophers don’t appeal. They analyse the situation. They explain to all other drivers what are they doing wrong (they should stay at their homes, maybe to build the teams in order to minimise the total number of cars, and some other certainly clever advices). Nothing helps. Really nothing thinkable?

I say, not. It doesn’t need to end in that way. We have to realise the most natural thing in our world. Nobody, also none of the drivers in all those cars has been born as an individualist. Every one of them has one’s own mother (and further family members). Would such a situation really happened somewhere on the world, the mothers of the drivers would come out and drag their sons or daughters away form those damn cars. They would say: “Forget your individual life. Come back to your family. We all need you. And you needs us as well. We will show you your way “across” your life. We will show you the “map of life”, our Family tradition, our Great Family tradition, our Tribe tradition. You will not need your individual status symbols of prosperity, never more. And so on.”

So far to the fictitious picture. But is our real picture much different from that fictitious one? Not very much, I think. The appeals of lovely people in our real world are numerous indeed. The philosophical advices are even still more numerous. What are we missing, are the realistic “maps of life”. The traditional science was not able to give them to us.

Therefore, Michael Tobias is forced to repeat his questions again and again. In that situation it can help to open one’s eyes also on my proposal of the Universal Philosophy. With it we can understand, what has happened on Earth around the year -4720 before our time, why we started the aggression period in our history. We will also understand that all the best people of the previous civilizations died in that terrible phase of our evolution. Only the most anxious, the super-nervous of our Evolutionary Family Homo sapiens have survived. They handed down their tremendous trauma to us. It lasts to our time. Without a proper understanding of this evolutionary step we cannot understand us ourselves, we cannot understand who are we, and why are we still so much more non-human than we should be. An we cannot understand, that the only way back from the damn “Individualism” is to rebuild our ancient tradition of Basic Families and their whole Demographic Spectrum.

May be the single (at the moment) “driver” with a better “map of life”,

Peter Jakubowski

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