UP12. The desired world administration

(Quote from the book by Peter Jakubowski: "Ich, Du, und Wir Alle"; p. 257; you can read directly in the book how the individual proposals are to be understood and realised).

C3. World administration

In these times of environmental crisis, corona crisis and humanity crisis (as in Afghanistan these days), we should be concerned first and foremost with overcoming our traumas, both cosmic and social, which we described earlier in this appendix. But lest the book end, as many others have before it, on a merely venturesome note that will not move any of the readers to a personal reaction, I give below a list of the most urgent practical tasks that our world community of tomorrow and the day after will have to do. It is, of course, my subjective choice of tasks. But it would be nice and useful if you, as readers, could also give your opinion, or add to it, by commenting on my website (see the cover of the book). The youth in 50, 60 years' time who must, and will, bear the burden of these tasks are our grandchildren. It is in their name that we must think and act today.

We ended the previous appendix with the following sentence: One of our most urgent tasks is to shift from the idea of world domination to the idea of world governance. We must understand that the world is not our property. It has only been given into our care, so to speak. Every next generation has an equal right to live on earth with full dignity, not just as a clean-up crew after our generation of egoists. So what else do we have to do before we will leave the world?

Here are my medium-term proposals.

1. The Earth belongs to us all.
2. The air and water belong to us all.
3. The land belongs to us all.
4. Voting rights for all citizens.
5. Housing rights for all.
6. Food for all.
7. No more private banks.
8. No more wars.
9. New structures of the judiciary, executive and political parties.
10. No more private weapons.
11. Factories stay in the owners' country.
12. No more rubbish.
13. No more factory farming.
14. No more anonymity on the internet.

C4. Immediate necessary activities

Finally, we list the organisational immediate measures for the world of the near future which appear necessary from the point of view of Unified Science and which must be implemented urgently, that is, as of now. First of all, we must assume that Germany, as the model country in the development of family democracy, must assume a pioneering role. At the same time, however, efforts should be made to realise the idea worldwide as soon as possible.

15. All people are equal.
16. Free education for all.
17. Healthy life for all.
18. Equal money for equal people.
19. Environmental degradation is criminal.
20. Tax havens are criminal.
21. Nursing professions must become attractive.
22. Educational professions must become attractive.
23. No old subject matter in schools.
24. Universal Philosophy instead of Physics.
25. No more bullying.

If you have your own proposals and suggestions on the task of restructuring our world community, you are welcome to participate in an online discussion. We don't have much time to give away. So see you soon.

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