Consequences of our Unified Science (the overview)

1. Our observable Universe has originated in the Universal Creative Potential.

2. The universal building blocks of our Universe are nanoparticles.

3. Our Universe is an energetically bound Cosmic Hierarchy of different objects.

4. The dynamics of our Cosmic Hierarchy is based on the Golden Rule.

5. The single fundamental interaction of Nature is an energy transfer.

6. Einsteinian speed of light IS NOT a constant of Nature.

7. Electrodynamics IS NOT an independent description of Nature.

8. Gravity IS NOT a fundamental interaction of Nature.

9. Milky Way IS NOT a galaxy at all.

10. Large Magellan Cloud id our “grandmother” galaxy.

11. Venus stays at the center of mass of our Solar System.

12. Origin of life IS NOT a long ago closed story.

13. The basic forms of life is a universal quantum phenomenon.

14. The permanent origin of our terrestrial life is our tropopause.

15. An evolution to higher developed organisms IS NOT an obligatory process.

16. Our own Species IS NOT a purpose of the evolution of life.

17. The length of a day was ever approximately constant.

18. The average Earth’s surface temperature is growing since the Moon formation.

19. The oceans on Earth are not older than 700-800 million years.

20. Our Genus is a direct offspring of the Genus Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis.

21. Our modern Species is only 6739 years old.