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41. Physik in der Sackgasse. (11 Feb, 2019)
Physics in a blind alley! Finally it becomes public!

40. An Overview: Consequences of the Unified Science. (29th Jan, 2019)
There cannot be any progress in our science without our acceptance of the necessary consequences.

39. Gravity IS NOT a separate fundamental interaction in Nature! (23rd Jan, 2019)
Almost four centuries after Newton's discovery, we are able now to unravel the gravity-enigma.

38. Es kann keinen zweiten Einstein mehr geben! (11th Jan, 2019)
Das 10jährige Jubiläum! Nie wieder Probleme mit physikalischen Gleichungen!

37. Imagine, we have really understood all that ... (2nd Jan, 2019)
... all that we believe to know about already now.

36. Climate Protection – the nonsense of our times (18th Dec, 2018)
Klimaschutz – der Unsinn unserer Zeit

35. Matriarchy is our solution; and our destiny! (10th Dec, 2018)

34. Are we clever enough to accept our fate? (6th Nov, 2018)
(Eric H. Cline's exciting book "1177 B.C.; The Year Civilization Collapsed".)

33. It's ugly to say: Das Hässliche Universum (30th Oct, 2018)

32. New Nationalism – basically a physical problem (30th Sep, 2018)

31. Wie Mars unser Wetter beeinflusst (27th Jul, 2018)

30) Diffuse Interstellar-Bands -Traditional Mystery or New-Paradigm Evidence? (19th Jul, 2018)

29. International Asteroid Day – And Nothing More? (30th Jun, 2018)

28. Lost in particle physics – a short comments to Lost in Math (30th Jun, 2018)

27. Comments to Roger Nelson's "Der Welt-Geist" (25th Jun, 2018)

26. Science of Consciousness – firstly, the Matter of Definitions (25th Jun, 2018)

25. Appell an Wissenschaftsjournalismus (22nd Jun, 2018)

24. New Paradigm in Physics is emerging just now! (12th Jun, 2018)

23. Riga 2018 – Naturics takes to the skies; - The Song and Dance Celebration (4th May, 2018)

22. The best ever written and the shortest explanation of how Nature works (28th Apr, 2018)

21. Our Global Climate over the recent 9000 (!) years (19th Mar, 2018)

20. Einstein would be happy! (6th Mar, 2018)

19. Open Science Academy has been closed (9 Apr, 2018)

18. Bioresonanzen in der Einheitlichen Medizin (20th Feb, 2018)

17. Easy Naturics Explanations to "Unified Physics"; Part 1 (1st Feb, 2018)

16. Still Missing Malaysia Aircraft (Flight 370) (17th Jan, 2018)

15. Simultaneous Policy based on New Evolutionary Biology based on Unified Physics (4th Jan, 2018)

14. Three cheers for Voyager Mission! (5th Dez, 2017)

13. The Enlivenment Manifesto: Politics and Poetics in the Anthropocene by Andreas Weber (3rd Dez, 2017)

12. The unique experiment of Nature (21st Nov, 2017)

11. Climate poker is over now (13th Nov, 2017)

10. The univocal proof for two huge impacts in the prehistorical Czechia (8th Nov,2017)

9. The ozone hole as an indicator of the global climate change (8th Nov,2017)

8. Sirius and Alpha Centauri Systems - a new point of view (7th Nov,2017)

7. Context to the article "The Universal Force Search Closed" (4th Nov,2017)

6. Leading sentences from Unified Physics (4th Nov,2017)

5. The search for a Universal Force is closed now (3rd Nov, 2017)

4. Life is an obligatory phenomenon in our quantized Universe (20th Oct, 2017)

3. Do you afraid the idea of the quantized Universe? (18th Oct, 2017)

2. Test your readiness to accept the new paradigm in science (18th Oct, 2017)

1. Einheitliche Medizin (13th Okt, 2017)

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0. An open letter to Graham Hancock (13th Mar, 2016)

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