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The original discovery! (Feb, 2022)

New App: 'Erste Globale Zivilisation'

At the moment (Nov, 2021) in German only.

The Appeal of 2022 will be:

Follow Nature: don't kill your final chance; nevertheless, you have to (nearly) stop the Old, before you give the New a (realistic) chance.

The Appeal of 2021 is:

Stay alive!!! Stay healthy!!!

The Appeal of 2020 was:

Every aborted child is a murdered human being!!!

The Appeal of 2019 was:

We can't do anything about climate change, but we have
to do everything possible against environmental disaster.

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17) The newest book of Naturics: "Ich, Du, und Wir Alle; Woher kommen wir, und wie können wir eine Familiäre Demokratie aufbauen" is available now:


16) The previous book of Naturics is still available:


15) Three sentences from the new movie by Jeff Gibbs, Planet of the Humans"
1. Humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its mastery - not of nature, but of itself.
2. Awareness alone can begin to create the transformation.
3. It is not carbon dioxide molecule destroying the planet, it's us.
(25th Apr, 2020)

14) What is Global Consciousness? - We have the actually best possible answer!

13) Are we clever enough to accept our fate? ... as the 7th Great Civilization on Earth?

12) Climate Protection – the nonsense of our times - Klimaschutz – der Unsinn unserer Zeit

11) Earth's global climate over 88 centuries -The current 21st century will be cooler(!) than the previous 20th century by 0.1°C. The next centuries will be even more seriously cooler. Here are the details!

10) Generation X - scientifically unsuccessful (15th Jul, 2018)

9) Riga 2018 – Naturics takes to the skies (12th Jul, 2018)

8) If someone should ask you, what Global Consciousness is, give to him/her the following answer: Lec, saulite! 2018 (10th Jul, 2018)

7) Look at the menu-point: "About Naturics/Easy Naturics" for Our Global Climate and Our History; Theoretical Reconstruction and Forecast across 9 Thousand Years (12 Mar, 2018)

6) Enlivenment Manifesto by Andreas Weber commented by Peter Jakubowski (3rd Dec, 2017)

5) Eine wirklich gut gemachte Aufklärung zu der Klima-Hysterie; bravo! (1 Stunde Zeit brauchen Sie dafür).

4) Just in time! Yesterday (on 21st Nov, 2017) I have posted my new article "The unique experiment of Nature", and today has reached me the message about the supposed first inerstellar asteroid observed by astrophysicists. The observation is very important, but the interpretation is false. It is just one another, observed directly member of the level 2 of our Cosmic Hierarchy; it is a small "brother" of Sedna. It has not visited us. We (our Solar System) are "visiting" the higher energy bridges of this Hierarchy. The frequency of such meetings will increase in coming years, decades, and centuries. (22nd Nov, 2017)
( For a German-Link, including a video, click here).

3) Just another video documenting one another cosmic meeting; still harmless, thus nice to watch. (22nd Nov, 2017)

At the beginning of November 2017 reached us numerous messages confirming the reality of some previous suggestions made by Naturics. Therefore we repeat here three of the older articles from Naturics Archives, concerned with those now confirmed suggestions. One of them is the probable planetary system around Proxima Centauri. For the corresponding archive article see the point 3 here below. The second of those suggestions concerns the natural closing of the Earth's ozone hole; see article 4. The third article concerns the Prague impact crater, which age has been recently confirmed by the Natural History Museum in Vienna; see article 5.

2) Our Mission - Today, 2017, at the very beginning of the seventh Great Civilization of our modern species Homo sapiens Sapiens, we stand on the threshold of a revolutionary new vision of Nature.

1) Open Science Academy is closed - Naturics has reached the global-consciousness level of understanding - the knowing through feeling.

Saved from the closed now Open-Science-Academy website:

OSA_1) Synchronistory – for all of us about all of us. (25th, Mar, 2016)

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