Open Science Academy has been closed

Open Science Academy of Naturics closes its educational activities on 18th April 2018, 63 years after Einstein's death. It was enough time to learn the "Unified Physics, which Einstein & co. dreamed of and is finally realised now." With this book, Naturics has reached the highest level of the scientific consciousness, the global consciousness, where no more traditional articles are necessary to be written in the style of the individualistic logical thinking and argumentation. If you will follow us on that step from the knowledge through thinking to the knowledge through feeling, you will join us in the global-consciousness quantum energy field.

The website will be hold open still for some time, in order to give you a platform to exchange with each others your own experiences on the way to the global consciousness. Should you be interested in a previous article linked to the now inactive openscienceacademy-website, please contact me directly (through the comment form).