New Nationalism – basically a physical problem (Part II)

(This is a continuation of Part I of the article, and will be followed with Part III.)

The New Story for our First Global Civilisation

There are three fundamental statements concerning our (almost) commonly known and (almost) commonly accepted knowledge about the physical basis of the Universe, of our cosmic home in it - the Solar System - and of our life on one of its planets, the Earth:

1) the observable Universe can be completely described by means of physics;

2) our Solar System is embedded into larger and larger cosmic systems, up to the observable limit of the Universe;

3) our Species has emerged on Earth as a consequence of natural processes.

We have to add to point 1 that under physics we mean here our new Unified Physics, unifying all traditional aspects of science into two simple constructions:

* of the Unified Family of all physical quantities, constants, and units;


* of a library of all possible quanta of the Universe, the Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit.

To point 2, we have to add that the series of the cosmic systems, into which our Solar System evidently seems to be embedded, is a hierarchical order, our Cosmic Hierarchy, scaled with a unique value of a cosmic quantum number.

Finally, to point 3, we have to add that as a direct consequence of points 1 and 2, we have to define the origin and the present state of life on Earth as quantum states and processes strictly bound to the same cosmic quantum number.

Let us see, what does all that mean in detail.

1) Our Universe is a Quantum System

  • Our Universe is a unique, indivisible quantum system.
  • Our Universe is organized as a hierarchical system.
  • Each quantum of our Universe has to be understood as a separate, self-contained entity of a circulation, a whirl of potential creating all other characteristics of the quantum.
  • The main characteristics of each quantum of our Universe are the quantum size (dimension of the quantum circulation) and the quantum period (time of the quantum circulation).
  • The quantum size and the quantum period are inseparable.
  • The dimension (area) of a quantum circulation creates the quantum material properties.
  • The period (time) of a quantum circulation creates the quantum spiritual properties.
  • All quanta of our Universe have everywhere (inside of the largest quantum) and always (during the longest period) the same qualitative characteristics.
  • The quantitative differences among all possible quanta order them along a unique scale of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit, joining together the universal level of membranes with all possible non-living quanta (molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, and quarks) and all possible living quanta (tissue cells, nerve cells, brain quanta, and super-brain quanta).
  • The large-scale organization of the non-living quanta of our Universe is the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System.
  • The large-scale organization of the living quanta of our Universe is the evolutionary developed life on Earth.

All possible classes of the Matter-Spirit quanta in our Universe can be collected in the following Table II.

II. Typical values for all possible classes of Matter-Spirit quanta







Tempera-ture T






Superbrain quanta

0.5 m


2.4 µK

0.26 mm/s

2 MV


Brain quanta

5 mm

5 Hz

240 µK

2.6 cm/s

20 kV


Nerve cells

50 µm

50 kHz

24 mK

2.6 m/s

200 V


Tissue cells

0.5 µm

500 MHz

2.4 K

260 m/s

2 V



5 nm

5 THz

240 K

26 km/s

20 mV



50 pm

50 PHz

24 kK

2.6 Mm/s

200 µV



0.5 pm

500 EHz

2.4 MK

260 Mm/s

2 µV


Atomic nuclei

5 fm


240 MK

26 Gm/s

20 nV



50 am


24 GK

2.6 Tm/s

200 pV

The Relative Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit can be understood as a library of all possible quanta in our Universe. This library can be schematically presented by means of the following Table III. There are shown four exemplary physical quantities for each of the five lowest classes of the material dependence µ (µ0 to µ4), according to their definitions in the Unified Family of all physical quantities (the detailed definitions can be seen, for example, in my book "Unified Physics"). All values of the Quantum-Spectrum table are shown in relation to the universal values on the level of Membranes from the above Table II. So, for example, the speed of light c is in average ten thousand times higher in atomic nuclei than in molecules, and the size of the typical brain quanta (5 mm) is hundred times larger than that of an individual nerve cell (0.05 mm = 50 µm). The typical sizes of the superbrain quanta are still hundred times larger (50 cm; much too large for our "modern" heads; therefore we are able to use today only those superbrain quanta built in our guts; we can feel with them but we cannot think with them).

Comparing the two marginal columns of Table III, we understand why the microwaves can disturb our nervous system, why the ELW (extra-long waves) can influence our feelings, why all living organisms can be seen in an infrared camera, and why the Chernobyl catastrophe had to destroy lives (note that the quantum energy density is equivalent to the quantum speed of light; it is a million times higher for gamma-rays than can be absorbed by tissue cells).

III. Relative Quantum Spectrum of all Matter-Spirit quanta

2) Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System is our cosmic home

IV. Main physical properties of the Cosmic Hierarchy

of our Solar System (with masses updated 2018)



Cycle [yr]

= Radius [ULy]



Relative velocity





Sloan Great Attractor






Great Attractor






Virgo Cluster of Galaxies






Andromeda Group of Galaxies






Large Magellan Cloud






Omega Centauri Cluster






Orion Complex






Ursa Major Moving Group






Solar System















colour code used above:

Exactly the same value as observed

The same observed order of magnitude

Value discovered with Unified Physics

Additional Notes to Table II:

a) L – level; S – scale factor.

b) The above used units and symbols are:

  • the cosmic quantum number, cqn = 1.3662801; (from our relation of the present mass density of the Solar System to that of the Proto-Solar System); the used powers of this number are: cqn2 = 1.8667213; cqn8 = 12.142775; cqn12 = 42.3133;

  • the universal speed of light, cu = 25741.16 m/s; (it is one of the new discoveries of the Unified Physics);

  • the astronomical unit of distance, AU = 1.492581*1011 m; (the mean Earth-Sun distance);

  • the universal light year, ULy = 8.123429*1011 m = 5.442538 AU; (the distance, a light-ray travels with the universal speed, cu, during a year).

c) The universal velocity of light in the original Proto-Solar System was the same as in the whole observable Universe; it equals 25741.16 m/s. Therefore, the previous distance of the Proto-Sun to its primary companion - Andrea-Star (of 7.58390 ULy) has to be the same as the present Sun’s distance to the Kuiper-Belt center of mass: ( 7.58390 ULy ) x ( 25741.16 m/s ) = 41.2757 AU (as shown on level 1 in Table IV).

Fig. 1. Three lowest levels of our Cosmic Hierarchy

Three lowest levels of our Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System are presented in Figure 1. Here we see, for example, that every 92.09 years the entire Solar System crosses the "green" energy bridge between Orion Complex and Ursa Major Moving Group, and every 1118.2 years - the "red" energy bridge between the Orion Complex and the Omega Centauri Cluster.

3) Life is a natural quantum process

  • In contradiction to the Traditional-Paradigm point of view, life has not originated in some deep past from non-living matter. The quanta of living Matter-Spirit originate (also nowadays) directly from the Universal Quantum Field (Universal Creative Potential), the state of Membranes, separating the living quanta from the inanimate quanta in the Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit.
  • Evolution of life is not a spontaneous process. There is no evolution to any higher forms of life without an evolution-forcing change of physical conditions in the environment of living organisms (i. e. without an energy transfer).
  • Natural evolution to higher forms of life on Earth is not an example of a universal natural law. It is an example of an extraordinarily seldom (maybe even unique in the entire observed Universe) coincidence of astrophysical and geophysical conditions forcing the evolution on Earth during the recent 3.5 milliard years.
  • The lifetime of all taxonomic groups of organisms, from phylum to species (and below, to civilisations, generations, and individual lives) is in each case an exactly defined period of our Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System (comp. Table V below).
  • The recent cosmic quantum jump of level 5 of our Cosmic Hierarchy (which culminated 4720 years B.C.E.) is the first period to study, if we are trying to understand the details of our own evolution from primitive organisms to "modern" human beings (comp. Point 4 below).

The following Table V presents complete spectrum of bioresonances (physical name - biofrequencies), including all levels between the cycle of planetary-system formation (level +9) and the cycle of the highest nervous activities within milliseconds (level -9). They all have been scaled with the single scaling factor of our Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System of 12.1428 (comp. the Additional Notes to Table IV).

V. Quantum Spectrum of Biofrequencies

Our new story of our own evolution
from bacteria to our unique Species "Homo Sapiens Sapiens Modernus"
results from the above described Points 1 to 3.

It concerns especially our presently emerging, post-liberal civilization, the First Global Civilization occupying the entire Earth. Let us summarize the new story in the following Points 4 and 5.

4) Quantum Evolution of our own Species

  • The Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System has defined the periods of all quanta constituting this hierarchy.
  • All hierarchically ordered periods of our Cosmic Hierarchy build a Cosmic Timescale, a quantized schedule of the evolution of life on Earth.
  • The "starting shot" to the evolution of higher developed life on Earth was the recent cosmic event of level 9 of the Cosmic Hierarchy, 3506.673 million years ago (Mya), in which the Proto-Solar System has expanded to the present form of our Solar System.
  • Our own Family Homo Sapiens is the only Family of the Order Primates, which did never stop to evolve across all consecutive events of the Cosmic Hierarchy (of levels 8 to 4).
  • On level 9, Phylum Vertebrata has separated itself (3506.673 Mya) from Kingdom Animalia. The current lifetime of the Phylum (of 3584.559 My; comp. Table IV) ends in 77.897 My.
  • On level 8, Class Mammalia has separated itself (259.462 Mya) from Phylum Vertebrata. The current lifetime of the Class (of 295.201 My) ends in 35.739 My.
  • On level 7, Order Primates has separated itself (16.353 Mya) from Class Mammalia. The lifetime of the Order (of 24.311 My) ends in 7.958 My.
  • On level 6, Family Homo Sapiens has separated itself (0.3365 Mya) from Order Primates. The lifetime of the Family (of 2.0021 My) ends in 1.6656 My. (Note the important difference in that point to the traditional taxonomy, which goes rather an opposite way, collecting Species into Genera, and Genera into Families).
  • On level 5, Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens has separated itself (6738 years ago; 4720 B.C.E.) from Family Homo Sapiens. The lifetime of the Genus (of 164878 years) ends in 158140 years.
  • On level 4, our Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens "Modernus" has originated (6738 years ago; 4720 B.C.E.) as the first naturally "born" Species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The lifetime of the Species (of 13578 years) ends in 6842 years.
  • On level 3, our First Global Civilisation has emerged (theoretically since November 1989) from our Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens "Modernus". The lifetime of this Civilisation (of 1118.22 years) ends in year 3108.

The following diagram shows the running step of level 9 of our Cosmic Hierarchy and its sub-periods of level 8.

Fig. 2. The longest observable step of our Cosmic Hierarchy

Every jump of level 9 of the cosmic-energy transfer means a passing of the Sloan Great Attractor across the energy bridge holding that Attractor as a satellite of the next center of mass of level 10 of our Cosmic Hierarchy (with its theoretical life-period of over 42 Milliard years; note that it is three times longer than the traditional estimation of the Bing-Bang hypothesis). This largest postulated structure in our Universe is still to be confirmed by future observations. Therefore, it has been not included in Table IV.

Our Moon has originated at the beginning of the running period of level 9, in a huge, but relatively slow-motion collision of the then remaining part of the previously disintegrated Proto-Mars with Proto-Earth. This event gave the starting shot to the evolution of all higher developed forms of life on Earth; the newly created two-body system Earth-Moon was pushed towards the center of mass of the Solar System. The unlucky rest of the Proto-Mars (seen today as the little Mars on our sky) has been pushed back from the collision place; in contrary to our Earth, it becomes colder and colder and its year becomes longer and longer.

Fig. 3. Observed ice covering of the Earth's surface with its theoretical average temperature and the length of year during the recent 3.5 Milliard years.

The running step of level 9 of our Cosmic Hierarchy is also shown in Figure 3. It shows the (calculated) year shortening (from 584 days 3.5 Milliard years ago to 365.25 days today), the (calculated) continuously rising average surface temperature on Earth (from ~-30° then to +8.4° today), and the (geologically really observed) percentaged cowering of the Earth's surface with ice in different fragments of the entire step of the level 9. The name Cryogenian Period has been adopted to the interval of many millions of years when the entire Earth has been covered with ice and snow (snow-ball Earth). During the Cryogenian Period, the averaged Earth's surface temperature has reached the value of T = 0 (+/- 1°C). This was the time of the true origin of all oceans on the Earth's surface. Prior to that period, only the regions of the Earth's crust around the active volcanoes housed sporadicly larger amounts of liquid water (lakes), in which primitive forms of life were able to develop themselves and survive for some longer time. All depressions of the Earth's crust became filled up with liquid water first after the Cryogenian Period. But not earlier than after the 10th sub-period of the level 8 (555 million years ago), the oceans became ice-free for many months in a year; the evolution of life literally "exploded", filling with the living organisms at first the oceans and next the continents of our planet.

Similarly to level 9, every jump of level 5 in the cosmic-energy transfer means a passing of the Large Magellan Cloud across the energy bridge holding that galaxy as a satellite of the next center of mass of level 6 of the Andromeda Group of Galaxies; (Note that the traditional astrophysics did not recognize the superior role of the Large Magellan Cloud in our Cosmic Hierarchy, degrading that Cloud to a satellite of the hypothetical Milky-Way galaxy; in our model of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System there is no place, and no necessity, to assume an existence of such a large galaxy in our direct cosmic environment).

Fig. 4. The running step of level 5 of our Cosmic Hierarchy; note the red arrow showing our present position at the very beginning of this period.

The running step of level 5 of our Cosmic Hierarchy is shown in Figure 4. It helps us to understand the traditionally considered as mysterious reason for the singularity of our own Species, the only one of our Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens. As shown in the diagram, the next jump of level 4, giving the necessary "impulse" to further splitting of our Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens into a new Species, will occur not earlier than in 6840 years (if we have 2018 today).

The recent 12 thousand years of our evolution (encircled in Figure 5) can be enlarged as shown below. The reduced speed of relaxation of the energy transfer after that cosmic jump, in comparison to the previous diagram of level 9, has been discovered in Greenland ice-core records and reflects our present (very hot) position (note the red arrow there) on the corresponding diagram of the level 9 (Figure 2). As we see in Figures 5 and 6, our own Species can only be treated as a direct follower of the very last Species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. The very last parents of that Genus gave the birth to the first children of our own Species. It is an essential part of our new story of humanity.

Fig. 5. The recent 12 thousand years of the cosmic-energy transfer to Earth; the encircled part of the diagram in Figure 4.

Fig. 6. The extended right part of Figure 5.

If we still enlarge the right part of Figure 5, we can see all seven great civilizing periods of our written history; in Figure 6. There are shown the Mediterranean-Area examples of the Great Civilisations of our own Species directly emerging from the last Species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. Note that I have named the first of those civilizations as Atlantis Survivors, because we have to assume that very last Civilisation of the Genus Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis has had her corresponding Atlantis also on all other continents of Earth around 7000 years ago. Almost all of them, preferably living on the seashore of all oceans, have been completely erased from the Earth's surface by the tremendous tsunamis (with waves up to hundreds meters high) shortly after the impacts of the cosmic bodies of the energy bridge of level 5 (between Large Magellan Cloud and Andromeda Group of Galaxies; comp. Table IV) into all oceans of those days. Only a few highland civilizations had chance to survive (for example in Tibet, Caucasus, Ethiopia, or Andes). Those lucky survivors formed the biological basis of our own Species of today. The main task of the Atlantis Survivors was to not allow the human evolution to break down. They were too rare, and they had no time and manpower to develop their own characteristic cultures. It is the reason for the seeming historical gap between the times of Göbekli Tepe (around 13000 years ago) and the first noticeable civilisations along Nile and elsewhere (around 6000 years ago).

5) Our individual and global Consciousness

We all agree that definition of individual and global consciousness is the most fascinating problem of humanity. Unified Physics (our new-paradigm physics) gives us for the first time in history a real possibility to define our individual and global consciousness in scientific terms of a unified quantum theory.

VI. The Unified-Physics definition of Consciousness



Meaning of the considered entity
(object / subject)*



M: the Universal Unity;

UP: the Universal Creative Potential;

QE; potential extension (creation) of a quantum in our Universe;

Ph; expression of Oneness (Creator, God);



M: the spatial creation of the Universal Creative Potential;

UP: necessary condition for a physical existence;

QE; spatial extension (size) of a quantum in our Universe;

Ph; expression of a material (body);



M.: temporal creation of the Universal Creative Potential;

UP.: necessary condition for a physical experience;

QE; temporal extension (duration) of a quantum in our Universe;

Ph; expression of spirituality (mind).

* M - mathematical meaning; UP - Unified-Physics meaning; QE - quantum expression; Ph - philosophical meaning.

Basing on the Quantum Spectrum of Matter-Spirit, we are ready to define (in Table VI) the global consciousness of humanity and the individual consciousness of every one of us as two triplets of commonly used concepts ordered in a new way, allowing to differentiate between them precisely, and use them in a scientifically verifiable context. In the proposed terminology, soul, body, and mind should be understood as the individual expressions of the global concepts of creativeness, matter and spirit, respectively.

As we have stated above, the unique Species of our Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a natural consequence of the quantization of the entire Universe, including the recent cosmic quantum jump of level 5, that culminated 4720 B.C.E. (just 6738 years ago). Since then, humanity has reached nearly 8 Milliards of individuals, which are still interrelated to each other. The main problem with practical (political, cultural, educational) applications of those relationships is the lacking background knowledge about the natural quantization of such relations. Therefore, we have proposed - at the beginning of this article - 9 quantum levels of the human-communities structures, of the political relationships, and of the socially and educationally interacting organizations, as shown in our Demographic Quantum Spectrum of Human Communities (in Table I).

* * *

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