The univocal proof for two huge impacts in the prehistorical Czechia

The univocal proof for two huge impacts in the prehistorical Czechia
(Vacation-report from 10th September 2007)

(This older article has been cited here from Naturics-Archive once more, because after 10 years since its first publication an observational confirmation has been recently found that our intuitive suggestion was very close to reality indeed.)

If you are not sure where lies Prague, the capitol of Czechia, click here and then here.

The commentary of Naturics from 2007

At the end of August and in the beginning of September, I have spent ten days in the Bavarian Forest. On the most beautiful day of the normally rather rainy vacation, I have undertaken from there a bus-trip to Prague. I was driven for the first time through the Czech "Bowl". This relatively young, and therefore still today clearly visible form of the Czech landscape, has been already several times declared in the scientific literature as a former impact crater. To my knowledge, however, there lies until today no direct proof for such a thesis.

For this reason, I wanted to drive through this landscape itself, in order to see with my own eyes the concentric order of the individual "waves" of the distortion of the ground due to the force of the cosmic impact. The route from Lindberg to Prague lead almost exactly along the radius of the suspected, gigantic crater, up to its center not far from Prague. The Czech capital is actually very beautiful and already alone worth a trip.

However, something has disturbed the picture of an impact-crater, that one should expect for a crater with this size. The whole western part of the Prague city, with its famous Hradschan castle-complex, admittedly lies on an elevation, that can be identified as the obligatory central-hill of every big crater. The Moldavia river comes however theoretically much too densely at this elevation. The only usable explanation suggests that at least two comparably big structures must overlay here themselves.

Forced through this observation, I have bought an exact map of the Czech Republic (an ADAC road-card 1:350000). From it, I have transferred all 1040 known mountains in the vicinity of approximately 400 km around Prague into a database. With help of this database, I have produced the following sketch of the Czech "bowl": the Czech mountains

(for a bigger picture click here).

I have also enclosed the course of the bigger Czech rivers into the sketch. The cartographic method of the identification of the big terrestrial impact craters has been described in chapter 4.6 of my book "The cosmic carousel of life". (Compare also our online-explanation to it.)

Although the whole Czech "bowl" inclines in direction of the North Sea, one recognizes unequivocally a slightly deformed, circular order of all Czech mountains. One recognizes first of all one gigantic, older crater, with a center southeast from Vlazim, and with a diameter of approximately 420 km. With some more exact look, however, one recognizes also a second, younger crater, with its center in the western suburbs of Prague, and with a diameter of approximately 340 km.

The causes for the deformations of the older crater-structure are rather easy to understand. Shortly after its formation, the older crater has filled itself with water, through what an inner-lake with a diameter of more than 300 km had to be originated. Someday, its water looked itself for a way out and firstly found a weak-position in the southeast edge of the "bowl", in the direction, where today lies the city Brno. Most probably, it was an impact of a smaller level the our cosmic hierarchy, what had brought the lake to the overflow. Indeed, the mountains in the Brno direction seems like washed out through one mighty water-stream.

After the second big impact, that has taken place presumably 16,35 million years ago, a younger, smaller inner-lake has been formed. However, that time the lake has not run out to southeast but has created a breakthrough northward (for an increased picture click here). The narrow breakthrough-valley is the consequence of it (on our sketch red colored). It extends across the Bohemian Switzerland and Saxon Switzerland.

As long as there is no other hypothesis, that can explain such a circular order of over thousand mountains, our thesis of two gigantic Czech impact craters should be taken seriously and further examined. The Czechs will surely first turn ready to do this, because the likelihood for the diamonds formation under the centers of such big craters is really very high.

- - -

As we see now, "the second big impact, that has taken place presumably 16,35 million years ago," has partly overflowed also the southwest of Prague Bassin, where Austrian scientists have made their newest excavations, documented in Natural History Museum of Vienna.

The confirmation is very exciting, because there is also a part of another strong suggestion of the "Unified Physics", that the Prague impact of level 7 of our Cosmic Hierarchy, 16.35 million years ago (which forced our Order Primates to separate itself from Class Mammalia), has caused the opening of the Hawaiian hot spot on the impact antipode.

The older Czechian impact has to be ordered to one of the recent cosmic quantum jumps of level 8, maybe that of 554.7 million years ago.

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