Climate poker is over

After Paris, Bonn, and Düsseldorf, it is time to stop the climatic poker now. The global climate change can be theoretically calculated over millennia back and ahead, and it would be a nonsense to deny it any longer.
Our theoretical reconstruction of the past climate warm and cold periods since 347 can be seen in the following diagram:

The same diagram with improved resolution for the period between 1850 and 2050 demonstrates the unique precision of the Unified-Physics calculation technique. Everyone of us remembers the ups and downs of the global temperature during our own life. The red curve here is the same as the blue one in the previous diagram.

It should be noted that these results has been obtained without any anthropogenic contribution. It is time to stop the climate debate and direct some of the remaining money to study the Unified Science, which is immediately applicable for many other important problems of our global civilization.

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  1. So in other words: the true climate change issue is more to do with how many more of us now exist … and how much more we’re forced to develop the developing world … and therefore whatever Nature is doing now that she was always doing, it seems more dramatic and impactful to Man because there’s more of Man to go around? If so, wow. If no, how? How to explain the acceleration of the seeming degeneration? Is man at all a culprit in the speed of the change as opposed to the change itself? Very engaging topic. Especially when no one is spending fortunes to fly first class / private jet loads of leaders to convene for a few fancy days of discussion.

    And regardless of the merits or not of climate change, it’s great to think that we can usher in an age of different modalities of income generation in the name of more healthy ways of life. Now if only we could solve that other riddle: how to change the emotional climate 🙂

    1. Thank You.
      It’s good for us that “there’s more of Man to go around”, because, as I have written in my “Unified Physics”, we all (all living creatures) are co-creators of the Universe around us, and the creation process is never ending. But also your other question is important: “How to explain the acceleration of the seeming degeneration?” Since the collective living-world trauma 9000 to 7000 years ago we were going deeper and deeper with our physical and mental “degeneration”. First in our times we begin to understand what has happened to mankind. It gives us finally the possibility to change this negative tendency and grow psychically (and physically) again to the level of our gigantic and super-clever predecessors of that ancient times. One of the possible ways is to ignore our present leaders in their “first class / private jets” and do our own jobs in order “to change the emotional climate” of income generation “in the name of more healthy ways of life”.

      1. Fascinating indeed! So in other words, our current human “degeneration” is actually ushering in a “re-generation” in which we return to the Past of our gigantic selves? In this sense, going backwards is actually advancing Humanity!

        1. Absolutely yes! Just one hour ago I have finished to watch (on arte-tv) a ducumentary film (from 2015) about the discovery by Marc Azema (see vor example He proved the paleolithic origins of graphic narration and cinematography, even with sound background! The people have done it 30 thousand years ago! Where should we be today without the 7000 years of our mental degeneration?

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