ET8. The World Formula has long been found

"Spektrum der Wissenschaft" (the German translation of "Scientific American") recently published an article entitled: "Will we ever find a world formula?", and prepared an opportunity to formulate a letter to the editor directly below. (You can read the fragments I selected from this article here: From the Spectrum_Article). On 9 September 2023, I took advantage of this suggested opportunity and wrote the following text to the editors:

To: Comment on the article "Will a world formula ever be found?"

Dear editors,

I have a comment on the article "Will a world formula ever be found?"

Such a universal formula has already been known and published for several years (for example in my books). During my visit to your editorial office (also several years ago), I informed you about this research. It has now been completed, but is still fairly unknown, because you don't want to (or can't?) believe it.

It is a pity that more and more generations of young people are studying traditional physics without learning about this important innovation. I would be delighted if someone would make the effort to take the first step into the future of science with you.

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter Jakubowski

Düsseldorf, 09.09.2023 Today is 27 September. To date, I have not received a reply from the editorial team. It's a real shame because there are still people who are interested in science and read "Spektrum der Wissenschaft". This creates an obligation for good journalism to also report on new, less well-known developments in science. You can read about my world formula in section 4.2 of my book "Universal Philosophy of Life". A shorter version of the corresponding description (from the book "Ich, Du, und Wir Alle") is available to read here: Extract from "I, You, and We All". All in all, it is another mistake of the "traditionalists" to believe that progress can be prevented by silence.

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