O2. Physics at a dead end

Physics in a blind alley! Finally it becomes public!

Now it is slowly becoming public. Traditional physics no longer has a chance to pull itself out of the impasse. See this video from the "3Sat" media library:


It's just a pity that most traditional physicists still believe that elementary particle physicists, of all people, who ran into this dead end for 40 years at the forefront of physics, should now lead it back again. That is a huge error in thinking. Because these very physicists who never wanted to run into this dead end are now in a much better position to offer the whole of natural science a new direction. Our "Unified Science" is just such a proposal. But to do so, you have to be prepared to discard all the ballast of the last decades (if not centuries). You can check here whether you personally would be able to do this.

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