O11. Interpersonal relations must be introduced immediately as the most important school subject.

Theoretical and practical exercises on how to establish and maintain interpersonal relations must be introduced as the most important school subject for all young people as soon as possible (preferably immediately). It is a necessary measure of our First Global Civilisation. If we want to survive not only the current century but also the Third Millennium as the world civilisation, we have no other choice. We must build our democracy on the basis of a Family Demographic Spectrum where the number of equal voices in any discussion always remains in the manageable and treatable number of 140-150 equal voices. The second important aspect of this organisation of the world's population is that all these representative persons of the respective groups of people must know, appreciate and respect each other personally. Only then can one hope that all the great problems that will come upon us in the future can be solved for the benefit of all humanity.

Practically speaking, all the young people of the world must learn at school that making the right relationships for life is a higher art. One has to learn that not every attempt has to lead to immediate success. We must therefore also learn how to move on from a previous relationship to a new one without hurting or offending anyone. However, not only the schools, but increasingly also the young people's own families must be significantly involved in this process. Social change is necessary, which should and must concern us much more than natural climate change. Only after it has been successfully completed can we as a global community hope for healthy offspring from each successive generation. I will not live to see it, but I wish all my grandchildren and their friends, as well as all the young people of the world, that they will succeed.

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