UP11. Our souls are our origin

Our souls are our original beings that created our bodies and minds.

Our universe, including all living organisms, is made up of matter-spirit quanta (with their material, spatial extension and spiritual, temporal experience) created directly out of the Universal Creative Potential (or Creativeness, Oneness). A smaller part of this Universal Creative Potential has historically been called the "soul". Every living organism has its own soul as its primary being, its own origin. It gives origin to all the matter-spirit quanta that make up the body of that organism and create its spirit. So, contrary to the traditional view, our Unified Science suggests that it is our soul that creates our body and our mind, and not that our body, which is supposed (and not understood) to have evolved from an immaterial origin, receives its soul in an even more mysterious process. Our soul cannot die with our body; it returns to the Universal Creative Potential, as an energetic "imprint".

This Creativeness generates the other physical properties of our universe.

In the course of the centuries of development of natural science, man has defined all physical quantities, units and constants. At first, however, it was not noticed that they are all only a derivative of the original Universal Oneness, the Quantum Creativeness. Only our Unified Physics made this step possible. You can read about how the whole of physics was developed from the table below, and from it, the Unified Science, and in the end, the Universal Philosophy, on this website.

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