UP18. Knowing is good, feeling is better

Victor Hugo was once supposed to have said, "There is nothing more powerful in this world than an idea whose time has come." It is important to remember this maxim because ideas are also feelings. When an idea is collectively held by a group of people, it will gain in its power. Such an inter-subjective (i.e. shared by many people) idea can move a group to collective action. Thus it has the potential to change the world.

Idea is also related to intuition. Albert Einstein repeated several times that intuition is more important than knowledge. Intuition is also a form of feeling. To sense something is to have a feeling that this sensed something could be important.

Neither idea nor intuition can be described and understood at the level of the currently known activities of neurons and brain quanta. Because idea and intuition always mean a feeling. And a feeling only arises in a living being when the living being can develop the level of the superbrain quanta.

An average superbrain quantum has an extension of about 50 cm. I have already reported on this fact several times in my other articles and books. According to this, our heads are too small to accommodate such quanta. We still feel with our bellies, where the distribution of the simple nerve cells (the basis of the brain quanta, which in turn are the basis of the superbrain quanta) is possible in such dimensions. It is precisely for this reason that I maintain that all larger animals (those of today, as well as those that have been extinct for millions of years) can also have and receive feelings. But also ants, birds and fish, which live in swarms or come together temporarily, must develop a feeling for the environment (and its dangers).

From this, we too could learn something new. Not only in a football stadium or at a demonstration against or for something that is important to us, but also in daily life, it would be beneficial to become aware of this potential. Also, living as a member of a group of people who accompany, understand and even love us all our lives develops much more power (in the sense of potential) to make the world a better place than today's "atomised" world of individualists and egoists. This is the main reason why I have a great hope that the "renaturalisation" of the institution of extended families can bring our world community through the rounds of the 21st century and the 3rd millennium.

So if you feel a need to do something but don't quite understand where the feeling is coming from, take a look around your "life group". Ask the other people in your group what they think (or feel) about your feeling. If they also think it is important and good, don't worry about rational knowledge in the first place. Your feeling is more important. Act accordingly.

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